Rob Mayzes’ Musician On A Mission Review

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Do you love music? Do you want to turn your passion into profit?

A musician and mix engineer himself, Rob Mayzes says he can help you generate money as a mixer, songwriter, or freelance producer. 

And the best part? You can work from the comfort of your home studio. And you don’t have to be an expert in your field to succeed.

“With our Hybrid Musician program we’ve helped thousands of people to get paid to do what they love,” Rob says. 

“People like Justin who made almost three thousand dollars within just thirty days of completing the Hybrid Musician program.”

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Hundreds of Musician On A Mission students, like Justin, are earning their first-ever paychecks by doing what they love, especially if you’re still a long way off from being able to produce music that sounds like it was made by a professional.

It’s not usual that someone would pay to work with a novice. When it comes to becoming a musician, Rob warns that it might take years if you follow the typical path of watching free YouTube tutorials and attempting to figure it out for yourself.

However, there is a more expedient method. “We built a program that turns people into professional producers in the shortest time possible,” Rob says. 

“And we do that by giving you the three things that you need to progress really fast. One, a blueprint. You’ll get a step-by-step roadmap for making radio-ready music at home. And we tailor it to you and your genre,” he adds. 

“Two, is feedback,” Rob continues. “We have a team of professional engineers that will listen to your mixes and your music and tell you exactly what you’re doing wrong. And three, guidance. When you get stuck, we have a panel of experts who are on hand to get in the weeds with you, show you how to make your music sound professional, help you get your first client, and then scale up your music business.”

Even if it were true, isn’t the music business already saturated? Rob agrees if you treat it like any other “me too” musician. 

You know, have a snazzy website, attend concerts, meet people in person, and work on your social media following. If that’s what you’re doing, yeah, the competition is fierce and you’ll have little success. It’s possible to break through if you go against the grain of the crowd and do something no one else will.

This includes establishing genuine connections with key industry figures and making a personal connection. Authenticity and building trust are the keys to a successful relationship. 

As Rob says, “I’m not saying it’s easy, but it works,” Rob rants. “And while everyone else is taking a mass marketing approach, charging next to nothing, you’ll be getting high-paying clients that keep coming back again and again and again.” 

You can attend Rob’s free workshop to learn more about all of this.

Then they’ll try to sell you a class. This course teaches you how to make money as a music producer from the comfort of your own home. 

You’ll learn why your mixes don’t sound professional yet, how to make radio-ready music at home, and how to get clients really fast by doing the complete opposite of what everyone else is doing. 

You will also learn why you don’t need a big network in Los Angeles or an existing network in the industry to land VIP clients; and more. 

According to a Reddit user, the program’s cost was $4,800.

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