Reviewing Optimyze Digital’s D4U Stores

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“No BS, flat rate, scalable, passive, and profitable e-comm stores with done-for-you marketing and guaranteed sales in under thirty days,” that’s the kind of e-commerce store Optimize Digital can offer you. 

What’s great about them is you won’t suffer loss. You’ll only pay if you get results. If none? Then you don’t need to pay anything. They aim to make your experience valuable, and the system is designed to collect checks. Easy for you while doing the rest, such as building, fulfilling, marketing, generating sales. 

Just by the first month upon signing up, you’ll see great returns. A particular guy who was giving a warehouse tour in YouTube ad said, “A lot of these items that we’re shipping here just came in,”


Hey, I'm Joshua T. Osborne

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“These are brand name items. The beauty of these items is that there’s no marketing involved with them. Right, so we’ve got some Fisher-Price, which is a brand that’ll sell out every winter. These other items go year-round. They don’t sit. We already know the statistics on them. These items are constantly selling. We like to call them evergreen products.”

“It’s really important for people to know that. There’s a lot of questions about seasonality and, you know, is my store only gonna sell well in November and December? So just having the everyday kind of stuff it’s crucial for keeping sales consistent and keeping revenue pumping.

Many of the items are being sold via Amazon FBA, and that’s one of the differences and the benefits over Amazon wholesale and Amazon slash Walmart dropshipping, right? We prepare these items as per Amazon prep requirements and then ship ’em to FBA.”

That detailed and concrete description reflects the advantage of Optimyze Digital team over similar service providers. Back in 2015, their story started by wholesaling and dropshipping. It was an Amazon journey before they established private labeling.

Currently, they’ve successfully handled authentic brands with four or five US account executives and brand managers. A margin game of buying low and selling high was the key to prosperous wholesaling. It didn’t require much. The brand and label are already there – you just need to sell. 

That being said, many new competitors have entered the game, and it was a competitive market. So, they decided to level up and planned a strategic formula. They established a team and infrastructure to close a partnership deal with their supposed competitors.’ 

“Clients of ours were asking for eCommerce stores,” explains the dude in the hat. “Clients of ours that we’ve helped with the business, web development, all this creative stuff. We became like this gravitational force of creative entrepreneurs with this vision that brings different skill sets to the table.”

Optimize Digital offers premium quality e-commerce stores and ROI-driven software. Within the first year, clients eventually see a return on their investment. Assets are along the way being built on your behalf. 

An eighteen-minute call will help you multiply what you have. Sell a potential. I guess working with them wouldn’t cost much. If yes, at least you’ll get your investment back. 

They organized their team well. However, some details need to be called to attention. That’s my overview for this video. 

The guys in the video never mentioned what they were, their roles, and so on. I just named them the guy with the hat etc. And they shouldn’t have missed the most important part: the cost. If I do book a call, I’ll ask about FBA or Wholesaling – about what type of automated store I’d be getting. 

Joshua T Osborne

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