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What’s the best way to make money online today? Well, if you ask Nick Ponte, he would tell you that starting your own digital marketing agency is killing it right now. He says that you could make at least $8k per month, but only need to set aside about 20% or your day to do it.  

Also, you don’t have to bang your head against the wall figuring out how to build a website, run ads, or wake up in a cold sweat trying to get the best results for your client.  You can do all this with his course, Remote Millionaires.  

So, let’s find out a little bit more about this…


Hey, I'm Joshua T. Osborne

In 2015, I said goodbye to 16-hour days and hauling boxes up and down stairs for a living (I was a mover). I became a full-time entrepreneur, and I made my money by helping business owners make money.

They had a need, and because of Virtual Tool Booths., I could fill it. Through the methods taught by my all-time favorite course and mentor, I created a 6-figure business in roughly 6 months. I could retire today (at 37) and never have to worry about money ever again.

Because of Virtual Tool Booths., I was able to quit my job, work online with flexible hours, and move to the mountains (Colorado Springs if you’re wondering)...all while helping real people improve their businesses, incomes, and lives!

For most folks, a college degree is the biggest bill of their lives. I never went to college. So I don’t have any massive bills or giant debts hanging over my head. My greatest education came from Virtual Tool Booths. (for a tiny fraction of what college costs) and it’s the bill that pays ALL the bills - a hundred times over!

I really wanted to share this secret weapon with others, so they could change their lives the way I changed mine. So if you’re not 100% sure about college, or only researching to make someone else happy, Virtual Tool Booths. might be a better option for you.

Want to know how I built this life with no formal education?

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Now, Nick won’t leave you hanging… he and his team will take you by the hand and give you the exact tools you need to be successful, such as: 

  • Providing you with 500 leads every month
  • How to turn those leads into customers
  • Find industry experts to handle all of your fulfillments

So, essentially, the way this works is that you’re going to be the middleman. All you have to do is get the clients and let the experts do all the work.  And with 500 fresh leads every month, that shouldn’t be a problem.  

For the last few years, he and his partner, Tom Gaddis, have grown their DM agency to nearly $40k per month using exactly what he teaches his students so that they can write their own success stories. 

“So, first and foremost, this is real,” Nick says. “It’s working for us and countless other people. You can live the life you’ve always dreamt of by following this simple automated agency model as well.”

Just be careful, because the 2 biggest mistakes you can make when starting a new venture is:

  • Essentially creating another 9-5 job
  • Not keeping your clients happy

Remote Millionaires is exactly what you need. So the first thing you need to do is find people who need what you offer. Your prime target should be in-demand small businesses that are local.  Businesses like: 

  • Tree Service
  • Lawn Care
  • Roofers
  • Fence Installation

You’ll want to look for these businesses in small cities with populations of between 100k – 250k and where the competition is little to none. Next take a look at their presence online: 

  • Do they need a website built?
  • How does their social media look? 
  • Would they benefit from running paid ads? 
  • Could they use more reviews? 
  • All of the above? 

Call up the business owner and see if they could use your help.  Once they’ve agreed to pay you for your services, go out and find the experts that will do all the fulfillment for you.  Establish guidelines and procedures to simplify and organize your agency.

Don’t sweat this part… Nick and Tom have taken care of this for you.  It’s your job to be CEO.  You’ll oversee all the work to make sure it’s being done properly and on time, while your employees do all the day-to-day stuff.  

“By following this exact structure, you’re able to build an agency model where you are the middleman in the entire operation,” Nick says.

“All you need to do is simply find the clients, collect your monthly fee, then contact one of the experts you know who is happy to do the work for you, and pay them about thirty percent of the fee.

Then we simply sit back and profit the difference every single month without ever doing any of the heavy lifting. You become the business owner rather than the daily business operator.”

Nick says that if you gave this your fullest attention, you could easily grow to 6-7 figures annually. Also, be sure to have  the Remote Millionaires staff to provide you with their SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures), tools, network of contacts, and 500 hot leads every month, let them know.

And if you want their help and advice along the way to get a deeper understanding of the process, schedule a call with them today so they can send you their Virtual Fortune Roadmap. Nick doesn’t specify how much they charge for working with them, but it’s a safe bet that it’s gonna be a bit high. 

Joshua T Osborne

Founder/CEO – Mr. & Mrs. Leads

$84K Per Month providing Toll Booth Leads to small business owners all over the United States. is for anyone who is looking to get out of the daily corporate grind and provide a better lifestyle for themselves and their families while bringing massive value to small business owners. 

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