Matt Schmitt’s Shopify Store Secret Review

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if you want to learn how I ended up in front of you, click here., a Shopify theme and education company, has Matt Schmitt in charge of content and marketing. He eventually experienced his “come to Jesus” moment after ten years in the ecommerce business.

“It all starts with Googling a repairman,” according to Matt, “to get him over here to fix our oven. And I Googled just some random repair company here in St. Louis, and they came over. And I open the door, and the guy they sent was wearing one of my hats.” 

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“That’s just the beginning of the story,” he continues. “So it gets a little bit cooler when you think about, you know, how the hell did that guy get my hat? There’s a lot of people in the world, right? So I wanted to know more. So I did ask him, I was like, ‘Hey, where’d you get that hat?’ And he knew everything. He knew the brand and the messaging. Loyal customer. Over a year of multiple purchases. And I thought that was really cool.”

“I’d seen my stuff out there before, I’ve talked to people, but I’d never met somebody with a level of loyalty like that. He couldn’t wait to buy some new stuff. So I ended up giving him a bunch of samples, and I thought about just how crazy it is that this thing I created in my room has turned into something so big. Here I just wanted to make some extra money, so I could get my then-girlfriend (now-wife) a ring, maybe eventually get us a house, ya know?”

“And the business morphed over time, as businesses do, but the takeaway here? I guess I just realized something that I probably already subconsciously knew. See, that guy couldn’t of been more happy. He was eager to buy whatever I came out with next. So I turned a side hustle into a business that makes people happy. And if you start putting your customer first, in order to make them happy, then the rest of it kind of falls into place.”

And guess what? 

Matt’s sales, profit, and personal fulfillment all increased as a result. 


Because he prioritized his consumers’ satisfaction over everything else. And, because he and his colleague Devin educate students how to build their own “I Heart You” Shopify sites, he has firsthand experience with how little people understand.

They’re probably wondering what would be a good number of ad sets they can launch on Facebook, or if they should “split test” this graphic against a different one, and so on.

These are the questions you should ask yourself: 

  • What else would my customers like? 
  • What exactly are they looking for? 
  • What really makes them tick?

This is the kind of unselfish mentality that should inform your decisions on what print on demand jewelry to offer, and what marketing to use, as well as how to set up your Ecommerce site, or what to write in follow-up emails, and so on, right? And so what’s the bottomline here?

If you can focus mainly on satisfying the needs of your customers from the beginning to the end, then you can pretty much write your own checks

“If your retargeting ads aren’t working, you’re probably not giving them the right offer,” Matt says. “Change it up. Ask your customer what they want. Instead of blasting your email list with another promotion, why not take the time to do a survey? Move past thinking that you have all the answers, and into the actual reality that you probably don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.” 

Now, I would bet that people would give their right arm for advice like that.  

But it should be a no-brainer, right?  

What this tells me is that too many people have a tendency to make things a lot harder than they should be.

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