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Alex Smale crafted a course program to help people scale up their careers in photography. Alex Smale, himself, started as a photographer. 

When the pandemic took place, that business took a dive. Events canceled, everything is done virtually. And who would then need a photographer? What would they do? Take screenshots? The dreadful thing is, everything happens in a split-second.   

During that night, Alex knew he needed to buckle up a bit and shift to something that would help others start or expand their business. 

He constructed an ad, launched it, and had his first high-paying client in less than a week. And just like that, he got $40,000 on the first month of his mentorship program.


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Sadly, not all of his clients fit his business model well. He had strayed too far from the initial target. His net has gotten too wide. It was easy to see why he was enrolling the wrong types of people; he had a low price compared to other “high ticket” programs out there in his niche. That’s not easy to handle, so he pulled back and rearranged things. He spent that summer thinking of ways to address the problem. After tons of research and recrafting, he reopened the course, only this time with a more rigorous approach and a bigger fee. It was effective. The new clients who joined his “Sell What You Know” coaching program was all that he desired. He grew in size. After some time, he was earning 6 figures per month. It’s good revenue revenge since covid did leave him down in the dumps. When asked how he managed to revive the business, Alex said: “My answer to problem-solving has always been telling myself there’s no such thing as a problem.”

“There are just challenges you come across that you need to go over, go around, just smash through,” he continued. “There’s always a solution for anything you’re doing. Especially if you’re free to just kind of let go of whatever you had before, and move on to something else.”

He then quoted Brad Pitt’s character from Fight Club film: “Only when you’ve lost everything are you free to do anything.”

It touched his heart and ever since he heard that line, it has become his daily reminder. “It’s all about not crying over spilled milk,” Alex explained. “I think that’s what holds most people back. They kind of cling on to what they have already.

If it’s not working, if it’s dead, if it’s broken because of what’s happening in the world, then just let it go, forget it, don’t worry about it. That ability to just be really cold and move on, immediately, is a big part of it.”

Sometimes, you just got to use a little bit of common sense, watch out for the needs, don’t make your passion an entire baseline. Though it’s fun, it won’t be solid ground. Alex understood millions of others were trapped in that situation. If the pandemic wipes out your business, figure out an alternate way to make money.

So, why don’t you show off your skills online? A lot of peeps are looking for a pastime or a new hobby. From there, you can monetize apt skills.  

If you’re interested in Alex’s success story and want him to teach you how to start your own coaching program, check out the Sell What You Know website. If you’re a bit timid, he’ll help you build your confidence for an effective coaching approach. After all, even if you got the skill, people won’t buy it unless you appear to be bold and confident. But if you don’t want any of those workloads, you can check out the link below. 

Joshua T Osborne

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