Misha Wilson’s Super Affiliate Commission Blueprint Review

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If you are looking for a breakthrough in making money online, Misha Wilson promises he is your guy. 

He calls his system Misha’s Method, and according to him, it has been responsible for more than $15 million in personal sales.

Pretty impressive, right?

That’s not even the best part! The good news is he’s happy to share it with you for free by providing you with a digital copy of his book, The Millionaire Breakthrough

You can read this copy on your computer or smartphone during your free time. 

So what’s the catch? You are pitched a $17 product called Super Affiliate Commission Blueprint as soon as you give your email address. 

Is it worth your time? Which aspects of this offer are worth noting? Check out the rest of this post for my thoughts on Misha Wilson’s program.


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To become a multimillionaire, Misha Wilson overcame adversity on two occasions. Yes, he became homeless twice!

But now, he is living the almost “perfect” life in Maui. Most people could only dream of living a life like his. 

His YouTube ads are presented to lure you while he is standing in front of breathtaking sunsets. Amidst the crashing waves, he captivates you with his compelling copy.

Your excitement about what you could learn from The Millionaire Breakthrough has you clicking on the link and entering your email address

However, when you opt-in, you’ll get a punch on the gut when you’re routed to a video sales letter for his entry-level product, Super Affiliate Commission Blueprint.

Your mailbox will eventually get a copy of The Millionaire Breakthrough. The book is opened, and you read it quickly in the hopes that Misha would redeem himself. 

However, he does not. Because you will discover that it’s nothing more than a PDF document ordering you to engage in affiliate marketing.

In other words, this isn’t anything “new.” It’s also not a “breakthrough” in any sense. It got worse: there were zero detailed instructions provided! 

Instead, he directs you to his Super Affiliate Commission Blueprint course in order to learn the specifics of how to do this.

Save 90% of your money by beating the countdown clock. When you do, the price is reduced to $17. 

That’s great! However, Misha’s ad said that this was “one hundred percent free, no credit card required.”

Are you now experiencing a string of disappointments with Misha’s Method? Not to mention that the man seems to be really talented. 

And he’s an excellent communicator, too. This man is very cool—backed with a story that is both inspiring and enlightening—absolutely living the laptop-based lifestyle we all want. 

Thus, I have great hopes.

I’m curious how much of his $15 million in online earnings came through affiliate marketing. Compared to how much money he made by selling his own courses and coaching programs. 

Let’s see: Misha sold a handful of digital products ranging in price from $7 to $300 through his previous business, The Super Affiliate Network. He will likely try to sell you on more expensive programs, courses, and mastermind groups.  

There is nothing wrong with it. However, this would not qualify as affiliate income.

Misha has earned an A-plus rating from the Better Business Bureau, which is a testament to his dedication and professionalism. He has received a 4.4-star rating out of a possible five stars from 34 customers. Overall, there are eight concerns, and each one has been addressed and resolved by someone on his staff. 

I’m beginning to see things differently now. My criticism of his advertisement may have been overstated. Certainly, he could tone down the excitement a little, but this indicates to me that he isn’t out to take advantage of anybody.

He also knows how to market himself. You might learn a lot from someone who is this skilled at paid ads, sales funnels, persuasion, building enticing offers, and so on.  

Based on this Misha Wilson character, I think I can forgive all the hype. 

I think I could get behind what he’s doing if he can patch some of these holes. Affiliate marketing is something I like doing as well. 

So yeah, I can recommend this guy to anyone who’s interested in affiliate marketing. As long as you’ll be wary of some unreasonable upsells, you’ll be good!

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