Tai Lopez Review: Why Did He Move To Puerto Rico?

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Tai Lopez welcomes you to Puerto Rico in his latest YouTube ad.

The Island of Enchantment. He shows off the view from his back patio. He’s got a treadmill desk that looks out over a small pool, followed by a patch of grass, and then, literally, the beach.

A heavy bag hangs on the other side of the patio pavers. Tai points to the blue-green water and says you could go surfing right out there. “Pretty nice,” he narrates, then gets down to business. “Let’s talk about real estate deals.”


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Tai flips the phone around, revealing a leaner, more bronzed bod, windblown hair. He picks back up: “Puerto Rico is popping. It’s booming right now for a lot of reasons. We can talk about one, but let me show you this nice little ocean view.

I’ve moved to Puerto Rico party because I’ve been coming here since 2005. My grandmother’s from here. But also, it’s just a wonderful place. Part of the United States, a U.S. territory.”

He explains how the housing market is going crazy there. So many opportunities. And in today’s world, you can live and work from anywhere. Why not take advantage of this new mobile society? Why not live in Puerto Rico? Why not enjoy the financial, real estate, and lifestyle benefits it has to offer?

It’s a true win-win situation. In typical Tai fashion, he ping pongs from one tangent to the next. I’m half-annoyed, half-fascinated.

“Click the link below,” he says, “I want to share with you some very interesting information. Even if you don’t end up investing with my business partner Alex and I in Puerto Rico, you still want to understand what’s happening.

Because the way to make money is to see trends and to see around corners other people haven’t seen. This is an emerging opportunity.”

“You want to get in early. I try to get in early. I like Puerto Rico because of the opportunities that are here right now, and of course in the new modern world people can work from wherever; so people are looking to live and work in beautiful places.

There’s no place like Puerto Rico. It’s part of the United States. It’s protected by the Unites States, it’s a territory. Don’t need a passport to come here. But it’s unique. It’s tropical.”

“I’m here in the winter right now. This is what the winter looks like. And as I said, real estate investment opportunities through the roof. My business partner and I have been investing, and uh, I’m gonna put a link below.

If you’re an accredited investor and you want to see the opportunities that we’re finding in Puerto Rico, to invest in high quality real estate that has potential tremendous upside, click the link below.”

There’s some good reasons and some good deals Tai wants to show you. You’ll have to fill out a non-disclosure agreement, he warns. But with that, the Puerto Rico ad comes to an end. And just like that, the number of ways Tai Lopez and Dr. Alex Mehr have to take your money grows by one.

If MentorBox and Retail Ecommerce Ventures didn’t do it for you, maybe this will. Puerto Rico real estate investing. Interesting stuff, Tai.

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