All Successful People Have This In Common According To Jeff Lerner

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According to Jeff Lerner, discipline is the trait shared by almost every successful person. It isn’t about being born into money, being surrounded by already successful people, or even being smart. Sure, all those things help but it really comes down to being disciplined.

When we are disciplined, we can make sure we are consistently working towards our goals and never taking our foot off the gas. Unfortunately, most people are not consistent or disciplined. Their lives are dictated by their emotions.


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“Emotional action,” Jeff says, “is doing what you feel like doing regardless of whether you should. Whereas, disciplined action is the opposite: it’s doing what you should be doing no matter how you feel. So what’s the consequence of emotional action?

The consequence of emotional action is inconsistency. And inconsistency produces an enormous, almost incomprehensible disparity in results, far greater than most of us as human beings could even process.”

Jeff also says that that is why money shouldn’t be the only reason you pick a career. Money is an emotional attachment. Look at it this way, is there anything in life that drives you nuts as money? Maybe a toxic relationship, but not much else.

Look at Wall Street. It’s fueled by risks, greed, and fear. These are very potent emotions and these people are potentially losing big amounts of money. Why do you think they’re so stressed all the time?

Let’s take day traders for example, they’ll usually end up around 90% negative. Meanwhile, an investor will carefully dollar cost average into an index fund following The Standard & Poors 500 and hold onto it for years. But they’re all making money.

“We have no idea the level of returns we could get, in any aspect of our life, if we were just consistent,” Jeff says. “I talk a lot about this in Entre [Institute]. The math of a human life: all it really is is our average day times the number of days you live.

That’s it. So many of us, we wanna define our life by how we did on our best day. But your best days really don’t mean crap. Your life is about your average or typical day. So you want that to be as close to your best day as possible.”

“Discipline is about learning. A disciplined person chooses actions every day that reflect lessons already learned and invite new ones. If it is possible to get a little wiser every day, then it’s possible to get a little better every day.

That is the essence of discipline. And the result of discipline is discernment, the ability to separate that which serves us and that which enslaves us. We are slaves to those things that do not serve us. Like Jocko Willink says, discipline equals freedom.”

These are the principles Jeff swears by in his Entre courses: “We live by choice, not by chance. We decide, we choose what happens. There are no accidents. We strive for excellence in all that we do. We’re obsessed with improvement.

We practice thoughtful communication. We eagerly do hard things well. We take daily disciplined action. We move fast, learn fast, and grow fast.” 

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