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Josh Osborne struggled when he was younger. Actually up until he was about 25. He didn’t have the best home life and he was always running into the law. But despite all the challenges that got in his way, he took them down one by one. Through all that he’s experienced, Josh has one of the strongest mindsets out in the world today. He used to worry about not fitting into the mold society intended for him, now he realizes not fitting in was the best thing he could have ever done for himself and his family.

Date Of Birth

December 21, 1984



Source Of Wealth

Digital Marketing, Coach, Mentor, Motivational Speaker

Net Worth

$13 Million


When Josh Osborne was younger, he was always getting into trouble with the adults around him because he could never seem to just sit still and listen. When he got older, a lot of the words spoken to him started to eat at him, he wondered if he’d ever be successful.

Luckily, it was right about that time when he almost lost all hope that he noticed something about all the entrepreneurs in the world today. They didn’t fit in, they didn’t do what others told them to, they forged their own paths and their own destinies. Josh decided that he was going to do the same!


When Josh began taking action on his new found purpose, he built up the largest moving company in the state of Colorado. But for some weird reason, Josh Osborne still didn’t feel fulfilled in that work. Something was missing. It was time. Even though he owned his own business, he didn’t get to reap the benefits. He was tied to it, working like a dog, and sleeping in the warehouse. After he had a heart attack, he took a strong look in the mirror and decided enough was enough and began looking for ways to make money that could leverage time.

In 2014 he came across the lead generation business model. He refers to it as digital real estate now because you can pretty much collect rent payments from little old websites. After he proved the concept to himself with a few websites for his friends, he went ham!

The best part he found about this business model was that he was able to completely leverage time. He had assets working for him while he was able to spend time with his family. On top of that, he was able to reach more people. He was able to touch more customers and help more business owners grow their business.

Josh knows what it’s like to be hit up by faux marketers as a business owner. Remember, he owns and is a silent partner in several different businesses in Colorado today. That’s what makes him different with his approach to new business owners. He practices what he preaches.


Josh Osborne lives with his wife Danelle Osborne and their two kids in Colorado Springs. They own and operate a nation digital marketing agency called Mr. and Mrs. Leads.

Besides owning and operating his own agency, Josh Osborne also coaches people to do exactly what he does. He has a coaching program called BAM University / Bad Ass Marketers. In the program Josh teaches people how they can build their own agencies and achieve financial freedom like he did. Unlike other programs out there, BAM University leaves nothing up to guess work.

If you take a look at the BAM University website, you’ll find hundreds of testimonials and screenshots of people in the Bad Ass Marketers group who have become financially independent thanks to Josh and his wife Danelle.

Josh Osborne has encouraged his students to grow and expand during this time of everyone else shrinking and downsizing. He believes we are in the greatest transfer of wealth in history and that now is the time to earn generational wealth.

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