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Serial entrepreneur Charlie Chang is based in Southern California. After graduating from UCLA in 2014 with a degree in psychobiology, he began looking into medical school. Unfortunately he was turned down by just about every med school he applied to. “It got to a point where I disappointed my parents pretty badly,” he says, “and I was living with this constant anxiety about what I was gonna do with my life.”

Keep reading to see how Charlie went from med school reject to serial entrepreneur.


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“So ever since then,” Charlie goes on, “I’ve just been working for myself and building my own businesses. There have been a lot of failures in my life but also a lot of great lessons. Anyways, in the past year, I’ve made about one million dollars in passive income. I don’t say that to brag, I just wanna show you guys, there are so many cool, nontraditional ways to make money. And you should always strive for passive income, not just active.”

Charlie realized that most careers will cap out between $50-$200 per hour. That’s the problem with a lot of traditional ways to make money- if we do the math 40 hours per week, 52 weeks per year, and $50-$200 per hour…you’re only looking at 100k-400k max per year. And don’t get me wrong, 100k-400k is nothing to scoff at, but that’s not how you get Jeff Bezos rich

You need a business that is always working, even if you’re not. And Charlie figured that out. So he started a YouTube. Think about it, once Charlie uploads his videos to Youtube they’re always there to be watched at any time. Youtube is one way to have a business that’s always working, but there’s tons of other ways too: blogs, agencies, ecom stores, funnels, etc. 

So how does Charlie make Youtube work for him? He turns his views into dollars via affiliate marketing

By adding links under each video, Charlie can direct his video traffic to them. Each link takes them to a product and if the viewer purchases it, Charlie will make a commission. He has affiliate links in his videos for Core Capital Realty, Bitcoin, Wealthfront, and so on.

How else does Charlie make money? He sells his own products on Amazon FBA, models, invests, does photography, has sponsorships and brand deals, and makes money off of the ad revenue. And that’s not all, he also has two courses 6-Figure Youtube Academy and Personal Brand Masters, and a newsletter that includes different offers called Hustle Club.

So the reason you’re here: what’s Charlie Chang earning? About 130k per month. Doing pretty well for himself considering he owns a Ferrari and an apartment that costs him around 36k per month in rent. All in all, I’d say his net worth is probably about 1 million dollars (clearly he’s doing just fine without med school).  Are you interested in learning more about Charlie and his business ventures? Check out his Youtube!

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