Mikkelsen Twins: Legit Or Audiobook Fakes?

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Christian and Rasmus Mikkelsen, twin brothers, are they legitimate? Well, they’re obviously real . But the true question is are they trustworthy? Should you enroll in their Audiobook Income Academy? Do they follow their own advice? And if they’re making all this residual income, where can we find these audiobooks?

After all, this is what they tell people in their YouTube ads, right? Selling audiobooks is the next big thing on Amazon that anyone can do since it’s so simple. 

Uh huh?


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However, if you’ve been to Audible and look for the Mikkelsen twins, you’ll come up short. I double-checked. I couldn’t locate any audiobooks with the names Rasmus Mikkelsen or Christian Mikkelsen. What’s the deal with that? Are these guys just blowing smoke? 

They do, however, provide some insights. One is that Christian’s account was previously suspended. So he’s open and honest about how he can’t log in and publish any more audiobooks, even if he wanted to.

Second, after the success of Audiobook Income Academy, they no longer had the time to devote to the real publication side of things. Their sole priority right now is on recruiting new members to AIA and ensuring that they are well taken care of.

“Honestly, who cares?” they say. It was done a long time ago, and it still works. And, after all, as long as their pupils are pleased and get the outcomes they desire, isn’t that really all that matters?


I suppose they might have a point. How often do you see professional basketball coaches on the court running pick and roll exercises, for example? They don’t.  But it doesn’t make them any less capable of coaching their players.

Furthermore, Rasmus and Christian have assembled a team of other coaches to assist with community support, live webinars, as well as other activities, and they’ve all built thriving audiobook companies.  So, even if they don’t reveal their successes, you might as well have confidence with what they’re saying.

Speaking of which, AIA coach Alex Kerr said, “That’s not how it works. I put in a lot of hard work to build the business and I’m not gonna give somebody the opportunity to extract my energy from the stuff that I built just by copying me.

My job as a coach is to make you successful. And one thing I noticed early on when I started coaching is the ones who took up all my time, they all disappeared. They all quit. And the ones who were the least needy, they’re all successful now. Bottom line, if you knew what I was publishing, it would not benefit you.”

“You’re not here to create a money printing scheme, you’re here to build a business,” he continues. “And businesses require hard work. Some people complain, like, ‘Is it really gonna take six months?’ Yes. Yes, it will. And let me tell ya, six months is fast.

If you played a sport or learned an instrument when you were growing up, you’ll know six months is nothing. So why would your expectations for building your audiobook business be any different? This is a skill. It’s gonna take some time.”

That’s all right. I understand their point of view. But, in my opinion, between Christian, Rasmus, Alex, and Daniel Locke (another AIA coach), they must be making pretty good money from their audiobooks to afford a test case or two, even if they wind up being duplicated like crazy, correct? All I’m saying is that from my point of view, it would be lot simpler for me to believe what they’re claiming if I can just see a few of their live audiobooks as well as the revenue it generates each month. 

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