Eddy Miranda’s MLM Coaching Review

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Most people believe MLM’s are the same as a pyramid scheme. You may have event thought they were legit until someone was just honest about people not liking them. Good thing is Eddy Miranda wants to regain MLM’s reputation. A program that “tailors successful methods to your skillset so you can stop wasting your sanity and money on funnels that never work,” he says. 

Is this possible? At what price? Keep on reading my Eddy Miranda review.


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Today, Eddy considers himself fortunate to help marketers scale and create their downline. “My mission is that I want to change the way this industry is looked upon,” Eddy says in his pitch video. “So many people [in network marketing] are abandoned and left to fend for themselves without any training or guidance after they’ve signed up with their upline. They don’t know what to do to succeed.”

Most sales reps think MLM has a go-to method that builds teams and wealth. They do the normal stuff: invite and gather prospects to an event, do the sales pitch, then recruit as many as they can. In the end, they only got 1-2% of the target. It’s frustrating to invest in a labor-intensive pyramid selling only to get nothing in return. They can’t even throw in a plug and build a strong solid network. That’s where Eddy comes in; he kinda likes to play the role of a hero! 

Based on the data presented, he got hold of 1,800 recruits within a year. He and his wife partner with different companies like automobiles and joint-stock. His MLM is one of a kind ‘cause it brings his team more than $100,000 consistent sales per month.

So spill the beans already! Eddie argues that it’s not about getting involved with the course program nor about paying a $10K worth of sales courses so you could sleep while having at least 5 clients in a month. It’s about partnership. All the top-tier sellers started with a mentor, not just a team leader. You need “been there done that” kind of a coach. And the only way to kick off desirable income is by following in their footsteps – of course, Eddy’s talking about none other than himself! 

Eddy then proceeds to sell his tried-and-tested methods that feature the mastermind class. You can never buy a good mindset, but at least you can train yourself for it. So when down moments occur, you can manage to survive with your MLM. He’ll also teach how to take control of the floor, so people can believe in your marketing. Plus, he shows you how to run effective Facebook ads, spot tire kickers and bogus referrals. You also get a sales script to lessen the burden of convincing prospects. Lastly, Eddy offers weekly training support sessions. 

“I want to make sure that you get over every single hurdle so you can implement everything and become a successful network marketer,” Eddy said. He blatantly affirms that you can’t go wrong with his mentorship yet he didn’t mention the price of this coaching program. I suspect it’s about $5,000 – $10,000. You may contact his team for exact details.  

I don’t have bad blood over Eddy or his program, to be honest. I even like his bold marketing style. The only thing to consider is that MLM cannot give you a passive income. No matter how Eddy redefines it, it will always require hours of work and awkward sales. So if you’ve been presented with less salesy less people intensive alternatives, why not pursue those instead? Something that can be your desired bread and butter. See massive results within 6 months! Click the link below

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