Where In The World Is Sam Ovens?

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Sam Ovens was last seen around two years ago. He has stopped posting on social media and YouTube videos, and I haven’t seen an ad from him in a long time, which is odd for a business owner like him.

I’m curious as to what exactly went wrong with him. But no, he has just made a significant decision in his life. To better serve his clients, Sam reorganized Consulting.com. Skool.com is the name of his new venture. Sam relocated to the midst of a forest for a year and lived the hippy lifestyle. And, surprise, there’s more! While he was away from the limelight, he and his wife had a child. Read on for the full story.


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“I had grown my company Conulting.com to the point where we were making about thirty million dollars a year in revenue,” Sam stated of his social media vacation. “And I had hired about forty-five people really fast.

And I’d also added a lot of things. We were posting on all the different social channels. We had all these different funnels, all these different traffic sources. And it was just a mess. Operations were chaotic. I had to work harder and harder, and profit margins were getting thinner and thinner.”

The reality, however, was a complete disaster. Sam had fallen out of love with his company. He came to the conclusion that it was time to put everything on hold, wait, take a step back, and find out how to arrange things.

As a result, he redesigned his website and reduced his offerings to just two: Uplevel, which teaches you how to create a high-ticket offer, attract clients on-demand, and run your business by the numbers; and Quantum, an exclusive mastermind where ninety-nine founders collaborate to maximize profits and happiness for all.

“We decided to stop working with beginners,” Sam said. “So we dropped our Consulting Accelerator product and focused only on working with existing business owners.

So really, what Consulting.com does now is we help coaches, consultants, course creators, and experts achieve what we call ‘seven-figure zen.’

Which is when you’re making at least a hundred grand a month profit, with one to two products, two or three remote staff, happy clients, and chill founders.”

“And our team, you know, we used to have about forty-five people,” Sam added. “Now we have six. And I eliminated all of our traffic sources.

Like, I stopped posting on Instagram, Facebook, all of that stuff. We even stopped running ads. And we used to spend a fortune on ads. Our only traffic sources now are YouTube and our newsletter. What’s amazing is we’re more profitable today, at eight hundred K per month in revenue, than we were when we were making two-point-five million a month in revenue.”

As part of his venture, he established Skool.com, an online platform that enables tutors to build and manage their whole tutoring program with only one login. Skool can handle everything (gamification, leaderboards, etc.), and it does it all in one place, eliminating the need to use Kajabi in conjunction with a private Facebook group and Zoom calls.

Skool is available for free for two weeks, after which it will cost you $99 every month to use it. You have the option to cancel at any moment with a simple click. Sam made a fast presentation in his most recent YouTube video, and I have to admit, it seems to be extremely professional-looking.

When Sam and Ashely were fed up with the constant commotion and negativity of their city life, they decided to relocate to this little house situated in the forest.

Sam went to the extremes and grew his hair out. They invested in a Jeep and an electric dirt bike, and they would go off-roading and into the woods, where they would just enjoy the beauty of the environment. He even had a beautiful child named Oleria.

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