Animal Behavior College

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Animal Behavior College is a leading private vocational school that specializes in animal career programs. It is owned and operated by professional dog trainers that provide comprehensive education in dog training, grooming, and veterinary assistance. It is committed to enhancing the lives of animals by providing quality education to individuals who have a love and passion for working with various animals. The staff members are committed to animals and their well being and providing extensive education to help students pursue careers to help animals.

Animal Behavior College

Animal Behavior College and its subsidiaries have been working with individuals who love animals for many years. Its mission has always been education and helping individuals help animals. In 1998, the owner and president of Animal Behavior and Training Associates Inc., which was the country’s largest independent dog training company, established Animal Behavior College. It was created as an opportunity to provide training for careers working with animals. Today, the college has various contributors to the curriculum to ensure it is innovative and comprehensive.

Animal Behavior College’s training programs are structured to provide every student with the convenience of home-study programs. The training programs combine flexible online coursework with individualized practical hands-on learning experiences. Students can maintain their current jobs and other obligations. The curricula are divided into 11 stages to make sure students gain a strong academic and theoretical foundation in their field. Every stage contains detailed information that is highly relevant to provide students with the necessary tools for successful careers. The programs include a written curriculum that include educational textbooks and study guides that contain vital information on the field. Students complete online courses and then participate in hands-on learning while working along side instructors. Students are able to apply what they have learned in coursework in the fields of professional animal care.

The Dog Obedience Instructor Program enables students to gain a sound understanding of dogs. Students then observe and participate in professional dog training sessions instructed by mentor trainers who are very successful dog handlers with sufficient experience in the field. The philosophy of the dog obedience training involves providing instruction to students regarding the importance of a proper animal/human relationship that is based on consistency and positive interaction. This type of relationship facilitates faster learning and minimizes unwanted behavior. The training philosophy also adheres to the scientific behavioral principles of operant conditioning. American Behavior College focuses on various types of training methods such as positive reinforcement and correction and punishment. The maximum time to complete the dog obedience training is 60 weeks.

The veterinary assistance school offers a Certified Veterinary Assistant Training Program for individuals who seek a solid understanding of various animals and how to assist in their care. Students complete online courses and participate in externships in local animal hospitals or clinics to apply coursework to real experiences. Students work closely with veterinarians and other veterinary professionals. The veterinary assistant program can be completed in as little as 50 weeks or as long as 75 weeks.

The Certified Grooming Program prepares individuals to complete grooming tasks on various animals. Students complete their online courses and participate in externships at local grooming facilities or mobile grooming settings. The grooming program can be completed in a minimum of 52 weeks or a maximum of 78 weeks.

For all programs, students are required to meet certain requirements for safety. Animal Behavior College provides students with personal program managers to help with each stage of the training programs. It also provides job placement assistance for individuals who have completed the program.

Animal Behavior College is based out of California, but the programs are offered in all 50 states and Canada.


The California Education Code Sections 94915 and Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations approves Animal Behavior College. The college is also recognized by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education and enables it to offer programs through state vocational rehabilitation facilities.

Scholarships Offered

Animal Behavior College participates in the Military Spouse Career Advancement Account Financial Assistance program (MyCAA) that offers scholarships to spouses of individuals in the military. The program provides 100% tuition assistance to students that are eligible.

Financing Options

Animal Behavior College offers various discounts and payment arrangements for students such as discounts for payments made in full by the enrollment deadline, payments made in full after the enrollment deadline, and certain deposit amounts and five successful payments. Discounts are offered to students who pay by money order, credit card, or financed through the college’s lender that specializes in student loans. The college also participates in 100% financing through Sallie Mae student loans. For Canadian students, Animal Behavior College also has working relationships with numerous Canadian financial institutions.