Freedom Mentor Reviews (2024 Update): Is Phil Pustejovsky The Best Mentor? #6 Nails It!

Freedom Mentor Reviews

Freedom Mentor is a real estate investing program. Like most real estate investing training courses, you’ll likely be exposed to the “Big 3” investing types: Regardless of which path you go down, there is a lot of potential with real estate investing. After all, it’s the world’s oldest wealth-builder. However, before you leave this Freedom […]

Overages Blueprint Review (Bob Diamond)

Bob Diamond calls himself America’s Tax Sale Attorney. He sells a program called Overages Blueprint. It costs one thousand four hundred and ninety-seven dollars. Or you can do three monthly installments of five hundred and ninety-seven dollars.

Inside, you’ll learn how to cash in on a “huge government scandal,” as Bob says in his YouTube ad. Is this legit?

What would you actually be doing? What are the downsides of the business model? I’ll answer all that and more below. Read on for my Overages Blueprint review.

Next Level Real Estate Investing Review (Dustin Hahn)

Dustin Hahn, in a new YouTube ad, says he’ll show me how to find properties that are 40-90% below market value. All it takes is five simple steps. I won’t need to leave the house. I don’t need any previous real estate experience.

And I’ll be able to close one to two deals a month and make money as a real estate investor, even in today’s market.

Dolmar Cross’ Automated Investor System Review

Is it possible to invest in real estate online without the need for capital, credit, or previous investing experience? 

Dolmar Cross, aka The Automated Investor, says you can!

A real estate license is not even required. 

Believe it or not, right now, with the world in such disarray, is the ideal moment to get things going. 

You don’t even have to worry about the competition, according to Dolmar. 

“Just buy my Automated Investor System,” he says.  Skeptical? You have all the right to be. But let’s give this guy a chance and dig deeper into his program, Automated Investor System.

Partner With Joe Review (Joe McCall)

Joe McCall has an absolutely epic opportunity for you. He came out with a new wholesale calculator and training that will help you obliterate deals.

And you won’t need huge piles of cash, perfect credit, tons of experience, or an existing portfolio of properties. Nope, using Joe’s Automated Investing Secrets System, you’ll get cash now, cash flow, and cash later.

This, according to his latest YouTube ad. Read on for my Partner With Joe review.

Subto Review (Pace Morby)

Pace Morby calls himself a “creative finance junkie.” You’ve probably seen him and his signature peace sign all over the internet talking about subject-to real estate deals.

But what are they, exactly? Are Pace’s courses, coaching, and mentoring programs any good? How much do they cost? Scroll down for my Subto review.

Overage Syndicate Review (Nick Fullmer)

Nick Fullmer used to work as a corrections officer at Utah State Prison. But $16 an hour wasn’t cutting it.

So he started looking for ways to escape the rat race. Eventually he found one, through real estate. But not in the traditional sense.

He didn’t wholesale or flip houses or invest in apartment complexes. Instead, he started doing foreclosure settlements. Read on for my Overage Syndicate review.

AstroFlipping Review (Jamil Damji)

AstroFlipping founder Jamil Damji is running a hilarious Facebook ad that pokes fun at other real estate gurus while promoting a free case study that reveals how he scaled KeyGlee to one to two wholesale deals per day, thus making them the number one wholesaler in the United States.

Is he legit? What else do you need to know? How much does AstroFlipping cost? I’ll try to answer all that and more, below. Scroll down for my complete Astro Flipping review.

Commercial Property Advisors Review (Peter Harris’ Protege Program)

Peter Harris, from Commercial Property Advisors, wants to know if you’d like to become a successful commercial real estate investor.

If so, he’d like you to apply for his Protege Program. But what makes him qualified to teach you? How much does it cost? How does it work? And should you invest?

Read on for my Commercial Property Advisors review.