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Online IT & Computer Science Degree Programs

Online IT Computer Science Degree Programs

An information technology degree or computer science degree online represents a solid foundation of current technology-based skills and knowledge in an increasingly technology-dependent world. Online computer science and IT degree programs are suitable for many career opportunities, as the need for advanced technology increases. A degree in computer science or IT provides a great deal of flexibility in many different career fields. Read more about online IT and computer science degree programs.

Some Stats

The number of students pursuing undergraduate degrees in IT and computer science has been steadily increasing since 1994. Total enrollment in IT and computer science degrees of all specialties has grown from 34,158 to 47,653 in 2006 – an increase of over 39 percent.(1)

Employment Outlook

As technological advances increase, employment opportunities for graduates of computer science and information technology degrees has become one of the fastest growing fields, with above average rates from 2006 to 2016 in many areas (2). In May 2006, the median annual salaries reported for computer and information scientists were $93,950; network systems and data communication analysts were $64,600. The average salary offer in the same time period for candidates with undergraduate degrees in computer science was $58,377. (3)


For an online computer science degree or online IT degree, students may choose to focus on a vast variety of specialties in specific areas such as IT Communications including visual communication, networking, and telecommunications or Web Development which includes areas such as programming, network administration, and troubleshooting. Other areas of specialty include engineering, organizational management, secure computing, enterprise information systems and multimedia. Click here to see which schools offer IT and computer science degrees online.

What to Expect

The coursework for an undergraduate degree in information technology or computer science require general education courses in areas such as Science, Math, and English. Students will also complete courses that focus on the design, analysis, and development of information technology and computer science and how they apply to different areas. Students will complete general courses in IT and computer science and the rest of the coursework will focus on the interest and chosen specialties of individual students.

The End Result

Graduates of a computer science or IT degree will be highly qualified for many career opportunities at entry- and mid-levels in the technology industry such as:

Graduates of computer science or IT programs may also choose to advance their education through additional degree programs or specialties, but an undergraduate degree in IT or computer science will prepare students for successful entry into technology-based fields.

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