Online E-Business and E-Commerce Degree Programs

Online E-Business and E-Commerce Degree Programs

Online E-Business and E-Commerce Degree Programs

E-business and e-commerce is a constantly growing and evolving field that is an important aspect of many businesses and organizations. Online e-business and e-commerce degree programs prepare students for a variety of e-business and e-commerce positions and enable them to develop the essential skills, competencies, and attitudes to be successful in the fast-paced e-marketplace. Students will be prepared to be a valuable part of programming, project planning, and marketing. Read more about online e-business and e-commerce degree programs. 

Some Stats

In 2006, there were 293 bachelor degrees, 267 master degrees, and 12 doctorate degrees conferred in e-commerce (1). In 2006, there were 1.2 million salary and wage jobs in the computer systems design and related services field and there were 243,000 jobs in the software publishing industry (2). According to, individuals with skills in e-commerce earned average annual salaries between about $40,000 and $118,000 depending on field and position (3).

Employment Outlook

Employment outlook for e-business and e-commerce positions varies on degree, field and position. The computer systems design and related services industry is projected to experience fast growth from 2006 to 2016, increasing 38% and adding 489,000 new jobs. Employment in the software publishing industry is expected to grow 32% from 2006 to 2016 (2). The average annual base salary for e-commerce customer support managers is $86,642 (4).


E-business and e-commerce is a complex and large field that offers students to choose a specialty and pursue a meaningful career. E-business and e-commerce specialties include business administration, business management, information technology, Internet marketing, leadership, government, web hosting, web development, software, business process management, information strategies, Internet and e-commerce law, international e-business and e-commerce, and project management. Students who are interested in a particular specialty should choose a school that offers a strong program in that area.

What to Expect

E-business and e-commerce degree programs combine business and economic principles with information technology practices to enable students to use the Internet and create business opportunities. Undergraduate degree programs typically require general education courses in English, composition, history, mathematics, science, and electives. Core coursework will vary by program, but many programs require courses in e-technology, e-business, e-marketing, ethics, e-development and management, economics, accounting, finance, organizational behavior, project management, the Internet, and operating systems. Many programs also give students the opportunity to study real life e-business case studies and work on team projects online. Master degree programs include more in-depth study of business strategies and prepare students for management positions.

The End Result

E-business and e-commerce degree programs prepare students for a wide variety of career opportunities in many different fields. Career opportunities for e-business and e-commerce graduates include:

A career in the e-business and e-commerce field will be rewarding for individuals with a strong interest in the Internet and business. E-business and e-commerce professionals are often involved in market research, web design, web maintenance, and product buying. They must be up to date on the current trends and how their product or service compares with competitors. E-business and e-commerce must have excellent written communication skills as they often communicate with other professionals and customers through electronic media such as email and chat sessions.

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