Online Marketing Degree Programs

Online Marketing Degree Programs

Online Marketing Degree Programs

An online marketing degree provides students with a solid foundation in marketing that will lead to meaningful and successful careers in a variety of job fields. Marketing is a crucial function of business and a marketing degree helps students build the skills needed to develop an environment where the ultimate goals are supported by research in marketing and meeting customer needs. An online marketing degree combines mathematical and statistical concepts with business aspects and social sciences principles. Read more about online marketing degree programs.

Some Stats

In 2006, there were 32,407 bachelor degrees, 2,183 master degrees, and 43 doctorate degrees conferred in marketing (1). In 2006, marketing managers held 167,000 jobs and market research analysts held 234,000 jobs (2). According to a CNN article, in 2008 graduates with a bachelor degree in marketing saw a 5.2% increase in starting salaries with average offers being $43,459 (3).

Employment Outlook

Employment outlook varies depending on degree and position. Employment of marketing managers is projected to grow about as fast as average for all professions, increasing 12% by 2016 and employment of market researchers is projected to grow faster than average, increasing 20% (2). With marketing being a major part of all businesses and organizations, students will have excellent job prospects.


The marketing field offers many different specialties. The specialties include advertising, marketing communications, strategic marketing, project management, marketing management, market research, product development, brand management, promotions, sales, public relations, non-profit marketing, online marketing, and customer relationship management.

What to Expect

Most large companies require at least a bachelor degree in marketing. Bachelor degrees in marketing provide students with a foundation in business administration with concentration on marketing. The curriculum includes general education courses in many areas such as social sciences, composition, physical science, and mathematics. The core requirements include courses in economics, calculus, statistics, financial reporting, management, marketing principles, business strategies, business communication, market research, and sales management. Graduate level degrees focus more on business administration and management. Advanced study, teaching, and researching positions may require doctoral degrees.

The End Result

A marketing degree prepares students to enter the world of marketing with a vast amount of job opportunities. Most of marketing professionals start in sales and them advance to management positions. Marketing is a key factor is almost every field. Graduates have the most opportunities in large firms, advertising agencies, retail, and customer service departments, but many also find opportunities in non-profit organizations. Career opportunities for marketing graduates include:

People with excellent customer service skills and creative minds will find satisfaction in a marketing career. Graduate degrees in marketing will prepare students for management positions, but a bachelor degree in marketing provides a solid marketing education and offers a wide variety of career opportunities.

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