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Online Political Science Degree Programs

An online political science degree provides students with a solid political science background to pursue a meaningful career in a variety of fields. Students learn political theories, principles, and practices and develop strong critical thinking, communication, and research skills. They learn to examine global events from many different perspectives and apply their knowledge to their careers. Read more about online political science degree programs.

Some Stats

In 2006, there were 38,915 bachelor degrees, 1,941 master degrees, and 614 doctorate degrees conferred in general political science and government. There were 179 bachelor and 116 master degrees in American government and politics (United States) and 805 bachelor and 45 master degrees in other political science and government (1). In 2006, political scientists held 4,700 jobs (2).

Employment Outlook

Employment outlook of graduates with political science degrees vary by degree, field, and position. Employment of political scientists is expected to grow more slowly than average from 2006 to 2016, increasing 5% and adding 300 new jobs (2). According to an MSN article, offers for political science graduates have increased by 5.9 percent, with average salary offers being $34,590 (3).


Political science is a vast field and there are many specialties available students to foster success in a political science career in a variety of fields. The political science specialties include American politics, comparative politics, international relations and foreign policy, political methodology, political theory, public administration, political economy, business and politics, political psychology, public affairs, and citizenship and civic action. Students who are interested in a particular specialty should choose a school that offers a strong program in that area.

What to Expect

Political science is a popular field of study offered by many postsecondary institutions. Undergraduate political science programs introduce students to political science and provide the basic building blocks to pursue a meaningful career. Coursework varies by program but most undergraduate political science programs include courses in political behavior, world politics, public opinion, history, comparative politics, and humanities. Most undergraduate programs also include general education courses in mathematics, English, physical science, and art. Master degree programs provide instruction on more complex political issues and students develop a deeper understanding of theory and practices. Doctorate programs prepare students for advanced teaching and research positions.

The End Result

A political science degree prepares students to pursue many different career opportunities in a variety of fields such as government, business, public relations, and non-profit organizations. Graduate degrees prepare students for higher lever positions in areas such as research and academia. Career opportunities for political science graduates include:

A career in political science will be rewarding for people who have a thorough understanding of political systems and can effectively present material in an oral manner. Political science professionals use their knowledge and expertise to apply political science concepts to a variety of career fields.

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