Online Business & MBA Degree Programs

Online Business & MBA Degree Programs

Online Business & MBA Degree Programs

Online Business & MBA Degree Programs

An online business degree represents a broad foundation of practical and theoretical knowledge about the modern business world. Business degree programs can often be specialized to focus on a particular area of interest, and are widely accepted as the necessary foundation for a thriving career in the business sector. Read more aboutĀ online business degree programs.

Some Stats

An online degree in business is a popular choice for undergraduate study. In the 2005-2006 school year, undergraduate business degrees made up 21 percent of the total number of bachelor degrees conferred at post-secondary institutions across the country. (1) Overall, this means that approximately 318,000 bachelor degrees in business were awarded in that school year alone. Click here to get information to get a business degree online.

Employment Outlook

While the employment outlook varies depending on each online business management degree or business administration degree, many careers in the business field have been steadily increasing in demand since 1996, and are projected to continue growing at an above average rate. (2) In another publication by the BLS, average salary offers for job candidates with a bachelor in business (all majors) include Consulting: $55,844; Financial and treasury analysis: $52,212; and Management trainee (entry level): 42,396. (3)


Online business degree programs can be specialized in many ways. Students can choose to focus on the financial side of business, through accounting or finance, or they can look more into the technological side with specialties in application development or management information systems. Other specialties, like marketing and management, are also popular. Click here to see which schools offer online business degree programs.

What to Expect

The coursework for any undergraduate business degree includes a general education background, from English to Math to Science. Students can also expect to complete a selection of generalized business classes that cover the key business concepts, with more focus in a graduate business degree. The remainder of the coursework is focused on the specialties and interests of each student.

The End Result

Individuals who hold an accredited online business degree can expect to be well qualified for most entry-level business positions along with some mid-level jobs in the industry. Some of the possibilities include:

Some students choose to enrich their learning through additional schoolwork and degree programs, but undergraduate degrees in business serve to equip students to begin a meaningful career in the business field. Click here to get your business degree online.

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