Online Technology Management Degree Programs

Online Technology Management Degree Programs

Online Technology Management Degree Programs

Technology is an innovative area that greatly impacts the global marketplace and technological advancements help improve all industries. Online technology management degree programs provide students with a rigorous education that is well rounded and prepares students for careers in a variety of fields. Students develop a strong foundation in business practices and understand complex and sophisticated technologies. They develop a solid working knowledge of technological advancements, issues in management, business strategies, and other related skills. Read more about online technology management degree programs.

Some Stats

In 2006, management analysts held 678,000 jobs with 27% being self-employed. Computer and information systems managers held 264,000 jobs with 1 in 4 being employed in the computer systems design and related services industry (1). According to, individuals that have a Master of Business Administration in technology management earned average annual salaries from about $82,000 to $127,000 depending on field and position (2).

Employment Outlook

Career outlook for technology management jobs varies greatly among degree, field, and position. Employment of management analysts is projected to grow much faster than average for all professions from 2006 to 2016, increasing 22% and adding 149,000 new jobs. Computer and information systems managers are expected to experience faster than average employment growth, increasing 16% and adding 43,000 new jobs (1).


Technology management is a large field that includes many different fields. Students can choose from a variety of specialties to focus their academic studies and pursue a meaningful career. The technology management specialties include information technology management, library technology management, business process management, technical project management, emerging technologies, global product management, decision support system management, information systems management, business technology management, and technology leadership. Students interested in a specific specialty should select schools that offer strong programs in that particular area.

What to Expect

Technology management degree programs provide students with a strong foundation on the principles and concepts of technology and management. Undergraduate technology management degree programs require general education courses in English, composition, science, mathematics, history, art, and electives. Core coursework varies by program, but many technology management programs require courses in management principles, accounting, economics, finance, business communications, ethics, business law, Internet technologies, information technology, and database management. Many programs also require students to participate in web seminars and interactive tutorials and other hands-on learning experiences. Graduate degree programs in technology management focus on more in-depth study and prepare students for more advanced positions. A popular graduate degree is the Master of Business Administration in Technology Management.

The End Result

Technology management degree programs prepare students for a wide diversity of career options. Technology management professionals work in a variety of fields such as healthcare, transportation, education, manufacturing, and finance. Career opportunities for technology management degree graduates include:

A career in technology management will be rewarding for individuals who are inspired by new technologies and managing people and activities. Technology management professionals create methods for transferring and incorporating new technologies, evaluate the effectiveness of current technology, manage large and complex programs, systems, and projects, and ensure the organization is running smoothly. They must have excellent communication and interpersonal skills because they interact with many different professionals, clients, and employees. They ensure the work environment is reliable and productive.

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