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Online certificate programs have become more popular in recent years. With the economy floundering and rampant unemployment, today’s adult student wants a quick answer to the question: “How can I gain skills or increase my value?”

Whether it’s entry-level career training you’re seeking, or you just want to ramp up on the latest trends in your existing line of work, a certificate program may be just the thing to make yourself more valuable in the shortest time possible.

Generally speaking, distance learning certificate programs are of shorter duration and include fewer than 10 courses. These academic and occupational certificates can be earned at both undergraduate and graduate levels.  

About our Online Certificate Programs

This page lists accredited online certificate programs offered by reputable, well-known schools. Please use the e-form on the course description page to contact the college or university of your choice for more information.

Click on a link below to the college or university certificate program that is of interest to you. Each page contains a description which includes the title of the online certification course or program, the name of the institution offering the online certificate, and a short overview.

A link is provided for you to submit information to contact the college or university to request more information. You will then be contacted by the respective school and an information packet will be sent to you.

This packet contains all the information you need to get started enrolling in your chosen university or college certificate online.

Ready to Move Up or Change Careers?

In the 2004 academic year, a large percentage – 81 percent, to be exact – of all current undergraduate students were enrolled in certificate programs for a particular career field.

That translates to roughly one million students for that year alone! The most popular focus: Business and Marketing (28%), followed closely by healthcare (21%). Education was 3rd at a healthy 12%.