Online Associate Degrees

Online Associate Degrees

An associate degree can be considered the “first step” in higher education. Generally, it is considered a 2-year degree, but can also include accelerated professional or trade programs. One doesn’t have to continue after achieving this degree, but it is often thought of as an entry level degree, and the first part of a baccalaureate (bachelor) degree.

There are several types of associate degrees. Arts (usually Liberal Arts, a generalized degree), Science, Fine Arts, Business Administration and Applied Science are just a few. Transferring an online associate degree is easy, as long as the school the degree came from is reputable, and recognized by the transferring school.

About our Online Associate Degrees

Online associate degree programs are listed below. The schools that offer these accredited associate degrees are accepted by agencies recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and/or the Council for Higher Education.  Please use the e-form on the program description page to contact the college or university of your choice for more information.

The links to each online associate degree program page have a description which includes the title of the associate degree program, the name of the online college or university that offers it, and a short overview. Click on the link provided to contact the online school to request more information. The school will contact you, and send an information packet. This packet will give you the tools you need to earn an associate degree online.