Online Public Administration Degree Programs

Online Public Administration Degree Programs

Online Public Administration Degree Programs

Public administration is essential to many different fields. An online public administration degree provides students with a solid educational background to pursue careers in many different government and non-government organizations. Students gain the essential skills and competitive edge that foster success in all areas. Read more about online public administration degree programs.

Some Stats

In 2006, there were 4,338 associate degrees, 23,147 bachelor degrees, 31,131 master degrees, and 726 doctorate degrees in public administration and social service professions. There were 2,261 bachelor, 496 master, and 29 doctorate degrees in human services; 2,077 bachelor, 560 master, and 10 doctorate degrees in community organization and advocacy; 2,582 bachelor, 9,163, and 183 doctorate degrees in public administration; 887 bachelor, 2,019 master, and 163 doctorate degrees in public policy analysis; 14,307 bachelor, 17,858, and 297 doctorate degrees in social work; and 1,000 bachelor, 971 master, and 44 doctorate degrees in other public administration and social services professions (1).

Employment Outlook

Career outlook for public administration jobs varies greatly by degree, field, and position. Employment of urban and regional planners is expected to grow faster than average for all professions from 2006 to 2016, increasing 15% and adding 4,900 new jobs (2).


Public administration degree programs offer specialties for students to develop expertise and pursue successful careers. The public administration specialties include human services, budgeting, community organization and advocacy, public finance, human resources management, international tourism administration, healthcare administration, educational administration, government administration, audit of activities, public policy analysis and evaluation, organizational governance, public law and administration, public values and ethics, and urban policy and politics. Students who are interested in a specific specialty should choose a school that offers a strong program in that area.

What to Expect

Public administration degree programs prepare students to succeed in many different fields. Most public administration professionals have at least a bachelor degree. Coursework varies by degree and program, but most public administration degree programs combine standard business methods and specific public organizational knowledge. Courses in public administration, public policy, human resources, and management are often part of the curriculum. Master degrees often enable students to further their career in management and leadership positions. The Master of Public Administration and Master of Business Administration are the most popular master degrees. Doctorate degrees prepare students for higher level professional positions in research or academia.

The End Result

Public administration degree programs prepare graduates for a broad range careers in many different fields and sectors such as local, state, and Federal government, healthcare, business, and non-profit organizations. Public administration degrees provide students with flexibility to change career paths. Graduate degrees prepare students to transition into higher level positions with higher salaries. Career opportunities for public administration graduates include:

A public administration career will be rewarding for individuals with good judgment and intuition and a great interest in administration. Public administrations professionals manage almost every part of public services at many different levels to help shape the future. They use their knowledge and expertise and apply the concepts of public administration to a variety of career areas.

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