Carrington College

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Carrington College is a private for-profit institution of higher education. It is owned and operated by Carrington Colleges Group, Inc, which is a subsidiary of DeVry, Inc. It is a leader in health care education and offers practical and hands-on career education in various allied health fields. It strives to change the lives of students by providing superior education and support and help each student grow as unique individuals and pursue careers they are passionate about. Carrington College consistently watches trends and statistics in the healthcare industry to provide high quality programs that enable students to acquire the necessary skills to lead successful careers.

Carrington College

To ensure all students get the most out of their career-focused education, Carrington College is committed to providing an appropriate learning environment that promotes the success of students and result in high rates of employment. It strives to provide superior informative and clinical experiences to enable students to gain a well-rounded understanding of their field and become competent professionals. It seeks professional and experienced faculty members that are committed to helping students succeed.

Carrington College offers a variety of flexible certificate and associate degree programs in areas such as dental hygiene, fitness training, nursing, veterinary assisting, physical therapy technology, health care administration, massage therapy, respiratory care, and pharmacy technology. It also offers Respiratory Care Degree Completion, Health Care Management Degree, and Health Care Management Degree Completion online bachelor’s degree programs.

The Respiratory Care Degree Completion online program provides in-depth instruction of respiratory therapy, management theory, research, and advanced clinical experiences to augment the opportunities for Registered Respiratory Therapists. The program provides instruction on various topics including the anatomy and physiology of cardiac and respiratory systems, biochemical and cellular functions of the human body, pharmacology principles and cardiopulmonary medications, emergency procedures, and patient examination, assessment and treatment. It requires 53 total credit hours and results in a Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Care degree.

The Health Care Management Degree online program provides instruction on the roles of managerial positions in health care facilities. Courses include instruction on strategic planning, finance and accounting health care practices, and quality evaluation and management. The program requires 121 total credit hours and grants a Bachelor of Science in Health Care Management degree.

The Health Care Management online degree completion program is intended for current health professionals with at least an associate degree in a health related field. It prepares students to advance into management positions in the health care field. It provides instruction on strategic planning, finance and accounting health care practices, and quality evaluation and measurement. The program requires 66 total credit hours and results in a Bachelor of Science in Health Care Management degree.

In effort of achieving its goal of making the student experience as positive and supportive as possible, Carrington College provides complimentary career services to assist graduates with landing an appropriate career. It works will every students on writing resumes, job searching strategies, interviewing techniques, and job-market orientation.

Carrington College was founded in Phoenix, Arizona in 1976 as Apollo College, by Margaret M. Carlson with the goal of preparing individuals for careers in various skilled professions. U.S. Education Corporation acquired the college in 2003 and DeVry Inc. acquired that company in 2008. Apollo College changed its name to Carrington College in 2010 with the purpose of rebranding to affiliate with Carrington College California and to better demonstrate its quality of education and dedication to student success. Since 1992, Carrington College has awarded more than 36,00 certificates and degrees.


The Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS) accredits Carrington College to award associate and bachelor’s degrees and certificates of achievement.

Scholarships Offered

Carrington College participates in two scholarships: Imagine America Scholarship Program and Carrington College High School Scholarship. The Imagine America Scholarship Program was developed to help graduating high school students. Carrington College High School Scholarship is offered to high school students with financial need that demonstrate academic potential and extracurricular and community tasks. It requires completion of an essay and two letters of recommendation.

Financing Options

Carrington College provides assistance to individuals needing financial aid. It participates in various federal and state financial assistance programs and private loan programs. Federal grant programs include Federal Pell Grant and Academic Competitiveness Grant. The college also participates in veteran’s benefits.

Credit Earning Options

Carrington College accepts transfer credits from accredited postsecondary institutions. All transfer courses must have a grade of a C or better and completed less than ten years prior to acceptance. Carrington College works with various institutions of higher education to promote successful transfer of credits.