Colorado Technical University

Colorado Technical University

Colorado Technical University

Colorado Technical University (CTU) strives to provide an education that helps you improve academically and professionally and is oriented to your career. CTU provides practical industry-current, degree programs in specialized areas for application in the real world. Colorado Technical University Online provides high quality web-based courses with many different modes of communication between the students and their instructors. Highly qualified professionals are essential for today’s ever-changing industries, and CTU is committed to giving you the skills you need to obtain new professional opportunities or advance in your current career. The degree programs at Colorado Technical University include Academic Certificates that you can earn as you progress through your program. These specialized certificates provide students with a sense of accomplishment and add important credentials to better qualify students with a competitive edge that employers looks for in today’s constantly changing competitive workforce.

Colorado Technical University

Colorado Technical University strives to provide a supportive and progressive learning environment that will challenge students and promote success. CTU constantly updates its course content to adapt to the ever-changing world. The content provides meaningful learning experiences that are applicable to your chosen career path. CTU’s Virtual Campus offers an online library and career services center, which is available 24 hours a day. These valuable features combine to provide you with the necessary education and skills to reach your potential in the shortest amount of time.

Colorado Tech instructors are dedicated to helping you succeed academically and professionally. They have an abundance of knowledge and experience in the fields they teach, and apply their know-how to the classroom – allowing you to learn practical techniques to apply in real-world job situations.

Colorado Technical University was established in 1965 in Colorado Springs with the primary purpose to train former military personnel in technical areas such as radio and television repair. Over the years, CTU has evolved from a technical training school to an accredited university that offers graduate degree programs. The main campus still resides in Colorado Springs today.


Colorado Technical University Online is regionally accredited by The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

Schools of Education

The College of Business and Management provides instruction for relevant to the business world. The college prepares students for creative leadership roles and focuses on teaching problem-solving skills to address business-industry issues so they become successful in their careers.

The College of Criminal Justice and Public Administration offers career-focused programs created to meet the needs of today’s criminal justice job market. The online programs concentrate on the development of industry-current skills and knowledge that is applicable to real job opportunities in criminal justice.

The College of Health Sciences provides practical classes to help students obtain career opportunities in the constantly demanding healthcare field. The programs focus on ensuring that committed healthcare professionals have the necessary knowledge and skills to become successful in various healthcare settings.

The College of Information Systems and Technology provides instruction on the latest advances in technological application to assist you in the pursuit of career opportunities in the Information Technology field. Many of these degree programs can be completed within 15 months.

Scholarships Offered

Colorado Technical University takes part in many scholarships and grants such as the Academic Competitiveness Grant (ACG), Advantage Grant, Career Education Scholarship Fund, Education Partner Grant, Graduate Project Management Scholarship, Liberty Grant, and Lifelong Learning Grant. Eligibility for scholarships and grants are based on financial need, essay, academic achievement, and extracurricular activities.

Financing Options

Colorado Technical University offers many financing options. Each student will be assigned a financial aid advisor to help them apply for the necessary financing to pay for their education. CTU participates in many federal financial aid programs such as the Federal Pell Grant, Federal Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students (PLUS), Federal Graduate PLUS Loan, Federal Stafford Loan Programs (subsidized and unsubsidized), Federal Perkins Loan, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG), and National Science and Mathematics Access to Retain Talent Grant (SMART Grant). Colorado Technical University also participates in benefits for military personnel and veterans. You may also apply for private loans.

Credit Earning Options

Students who have previous college credit, military experience, work related experience, certificate training, or other experience may be eligible to enroll in Colorado Technical University Online’s Baccalaureate Degree Completion Program. This program allows you to complete the degree program at a faster pace, even as short as 15 months. The student’s transcripts and experiences will be evaluated on an individual basis.

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