ECPI College of Technology

ECPI College of Technology is a leading private for-profit independent college that was established in 1966. Its main mission is to provide quality postsecondary education and it is dedicated to being a premier institution of higher education featuring a learning environment that is innovative and centered on students. It collaborates with students, faculty, alumni, organizations, and government to meet the educational needs of surrounding communities. It provides a solid educational foundation paired with hands-on learning experiences to prepare students to success in a society that is constantly changing and becoming more technical.

ECPI College of Technology

ECPI College of Technology offers diploma and certificate programs along with the Associate of Science, Associate of Applied Science, and Bachelor of Science degrees in various areas of business, technology, culinary, and health sciences. The programs are rigorous, up-to-date, and oriented toward careers. The curricula of all programs are created to promote inquiry, critical thinking, evaluation, and research. Instruction is presented in various formats to ensure students get the most of their education. Faculty members are highly qualified with sufficient experience in their fields of specialization. The college promotes students and faculty members to exchange ideas, assess all features of issues, and question ideas to assist with development of the necessary abilities and understanding students will need in future careers. The student to faculty ratio is 31:1.

ECPI Online Campus offers various programs to prepare students to pursue careers in today’s technology-driven workforce. Students are able to learn from any location at any time with various schedule choices to maintain other obligations. The online campus features small class sizes with more personalized attention, two-way communication, and practical learning through simulation software. Students also have access to the online library resources. Faculty members are easily accessible and hold virtual office hours for students to engage in one-on-one interaction. The online campus also offers technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With accelerated online programs, students have the ability to graduate in less time. The online campus offers associate and/or diploma programs in electronics engineering and network security and bachelor degree programs in healthcare administration, healthcare information technology, criminal justice, homeland security, information technology management, electronics engineering, network security, food service management, and business administration.

ECPI Online Campus features its own students support services. Online career advisors specializing in certain program areas are available for online students along with various members of administrative staff and military representatives. The online campus also features its own financial aid representatives, admissions representatives, student services contacts, and department heads.

ECPI College of Technology offers tutoring and advising assistance to students and faculty members regularly use a team approach in helping students. Flexible scheduling for tutoring and advising is available to accommodate the busy schedules of students. ECPI offers academic and career counseling service, placement services for graduates, and employment services for students. It is also committed to helping graduates with career development and pursuing lifelong learning experiences and more than 3,800 employers throughout the country have employed ECPI graduates.

ECPI College of Technology has been nationally ranked over the last decade. Community College Week ranked it in the top 3 for Number of Associate Degree Graduates in Computer & Information Sciences & Support Services and in the top 10 for Number of Associate Degree Graduates in Engineering-Related Technologies/Technicians. The college currently enrolls more than 8,500 students.


The Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools accredits ECPI College of Technology to award the Associate of Science, Associate of Applied Science, and Bachelor of Science degrees.

Scholarships Offered

ECPI College of Technology offers scholarships based on financial need including ECPI Scholarships, TECS Scholarships, and the Imagine America High School Scholarship. It also offers the DOD Support Scholarship Program for members of the military who were severely injured and their spouses and dependent children.

Financing Options

ECPI College of Technology participates in various financial aid programs including the Federal Pell Grant, Federal Perkins Loans, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG), Federal Direct Stafford Loan Program, and Federal Direct PLUS Loan Program for Parents, Academic Competitiveness Grant (ACG), Federal Work-Study, and National Science, Mathematics Access to Retain Talent Grant (National SMART Grant), and Veterans Affairs Benefits. It offers the Tuition Assistance Student Loan Program (TASL). It also accepts state aid and private loans.

Credit Earning Options

ECPI College of Technology accepts transfer credits for courses completed at other accredited institutions. It also grants dual credits, credits for life experiences and advanced placement (AP) credits. Students seeking transfer credits must submit an official transcript and supporting documents