Everest University

Degree Subject

The Tampa campus of Everest University was originally founded in 1890 and is the oldest business college in the State of Florida. Everest University began to offer online courses in 1999, which expanded over the years to the current offerings, which include all courses necessary for the online certificate, associate, bachelor and master degree programs.

Everest University offers degree and certificate programs in accounting, management, business, computer information science, criminal justice, criminal investigations, massage therapy, business administration, medical assisting, medical insurance billing and coding, medical administrative assisting, paralegal studies, pharmacy technology, electrical maintenance and residential heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

Everest University offers both on-campus and online programs with a focus on providing affordable, convenient continuing education options for working adults, as well as first-time students. The online eCollege learning platform is designed to assist students in completing self-directed distance learning with the help of faculty who understand the particular needs of working professionals and students with additional life responsibilities.

On-campus coursework focuses on delivering practical skills and education through hands-on experiential learning opportunities guided by instructors with extensive real-world experience who are both educators and professionals in the fields in which they teach. The university also provides career placement services including resume and interview assistance and job listings.

Online programs are tailored to meet the needs of busy working adults who are managing life responsibilities and require flexibility, convenience and affordability. Online faculty members complete special training to assist them in providing quality education to students via the Internet by training them to manage cyber classrooms, deliver coursework electronically and evaluate students based solely on online contact and assignment completion.

Schools of Education – Degree Programs

The accounting degree programs prepare students to enter the field of accounting with the mathematic, problem-solving, computer and analytical skills needed to become bookkeepers, accounting managers, accounting clerks and other accounting professionals.

The applied management degree programs provide the training required for students to become effective business managers with knowledge of marketing, business law, computer applications, management, business and accounting. Both associate and bachelor degree programs are available.

The business degree programs equip students with critical thinking, decision-making, organizational and practical business skills to become successful businessmen and businesswomen. Undergraduate concentrations include business administration, management, marketing and international business. The Master of Business Administration program offers concentrations in accounting, human resources and international business.

The computer information science programs prepare students for careers in computer information science by providing a thorough education in database management systems and computer information systems. Students can concentrate in computer languages such as Java, C++ and Visual Basic and participate in classes on networking, operating systems, programming and design and analysis.

The criminal investigations program includes courses such as fingerprints classification, biological evidence and crime scene photography and readies students to enter careers in crime scene investigation.

The criminal justice program confers associate and bachelor degrees to students preparing for a career in probation, immigration, security, law enforcement or corrections and includes courses in criminology, forensics, interviews and interrogations and victim advocacy.

The electrician program equips future residential and industrial electricians to install, repair and maintain electrical systems.

The massage therapy program trains prospective massage therapy practitioners in ethics, business practices, massage techniques and non-traditional therapies in order to prepare for careers in health spas, rehabilitation clinics, resorts and private practice.

The medical assisting, medical administrative assisting and medical insurance and billing programs equip students with the communication, critical thinking skills and medical terminology needed to enter entry-level positions in medical or dental offices.

The paralegal program offers two degree options to prepare students to become paralegals, legal assistants or legal secretaries with courses in legal document preparation, legal research, conducting client interviews, family law and criminal law.

The pharmacy technician program readies students to assist pharmacists and provides a well-rounded education in nutrition, pharmacology, medical terminology, heath care systems, pharmacy administration and pharmacy calculations.

The residential heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) program trains students in HVAC repair and maintenance.