Independence University

Independence University is a public distance learning university based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Its mission is to assist students with completing their education and entering the workforce at an accelerated rate. Its programs focus on providing students with the necessary educational credentials and skills to succeed. The university helps students evolve into competent community members and gain a better understanding of the ever-changing world. It is committed to providing flexible and convenient education that is available to students anytime from anywhere with access to the Internet. It offers continuous enrollments to enable students to start any time that is convenient. Independence University offers programs at the certificate, associate degree, bachelor’s degree, and master’s degree levels in a variety of fields including business, business administration, nursing, respiratory care, healthcare administration, public health, health services management, allied health, early childhood education, and property management.

The distance learning programs are specifically designed by educational experts, technology professionals, and instructional designers to ensure a curriculum that meets the need of students and helps them develop real-world knowledge and skills. Courses are specifically designed for working adults and all textbooks and course materials are available online. Students are required to complete an online orientation prior to starting online courses. Online courses are delivered via the ANGEL Learning Management System in a synchronous and asynchronous format. Synchronous courses require students to log-on at certain times to interact in real-time with instructors and classmates using Elluminate software. Elluminate enables students to ask questions verbally or through text and receive immediate responses. Asynchronous courses allow students to log-on at any time and interact via email and threaded discussion. Students complete and submit all assignments, take examinations, and receive feedback and support through the online learning environment. Students also have access to online student advising and student services. They are required to regularly log-on to their courses and participate in class discussions on a weekly basis.

Students have access to assistance and support services via phone or online and experienced staff members are available to provide guidance throughout programs. The online resources include current online industry periodicals and an online resource library containing more than 120,000 articles and related materials. Faculty and staff members are available five days a week and technical staff are available to providing technical assistance.

Independence University was founded in 1978 as California College for Health Sciences and it offered allied health programs. It was the first institution to offer distance learning respiratory care programs. The institution changed its name to Independence University in 2005 to better reflect its educational philosophy and wide range of programs. In 2010, the university joined with Stevens-Henager College, which was its affiliated institution, and it became a branch of the Stevens-Henager’s main campus.

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The Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges accredits Independence University.

Schools of Education

College of Health Sciences: committed to addressing the constantly changing needs and trends of the healthcare and business fields. Provides innovative degree programs to help students evolve into effective healthcare professionals.

College of Business: dedicated to providing students with sound business knowledge to succeed and advance in a competitive industry.

College of Education: committed to meeting the need for qualified professionals in the early childhood education field to educate and care for young children. Helps students enter and advance in a very rewarding career.

Scholarships Offered

Independence University offers scholarships to help students pay for tuition and fees. Examples include Legacy Grants, Student Clinical Grant, and The Alliance Clinical Grant. Students are also encouraged to apply for outside scholarships.

Financing Options

Independence University does not charge out-of-state tuition and it offers a variety of funding options including federal financial programs such as the Federal Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG), National Science and Mathematics Access to Retain Talent Grant (SMART), Federal Work Study, Academic Competitiveness Grant (ACG), Federal Direct Stafford Subsidized Loan, Federal Direct Stafford Unsubsidized Loan, and Federal PLUS Loan. It also accepts alternative loans such as Sallie Mae.

Credit Earning Options

Independence University accepts transfer credits completed at another accredited institution of higher learning. All courses must have earned a grade of a C- or better for associate and bachelor’s degrees and a grade of a B- or better for master’s degrees. Core technical courses must have been completed within the past 8 years. Students can earn up to 25 percent of transfer credit for associate degrees, 50 percent for bachelor’s degrees, and 25 percent for master’s degrees. The university also accepts credits earned from examinations such as Advanced Placement (AP), College Level Examination Program (CLEP), Defense Activity for Nontraditional Education Support (DANTES), and Excelsior/Regents. Students may also receive credit for college recognized certifications such as Cisco or Microsoft. Military students are able to receive up to 26 credits toward an associate degree and 90 credits toward a bachelor’s degree. Students must submit official transcripts, college syllabi, course description, and other supporting documents.