Jones College

Jones College

Jones College

Jones College is a private non-profit senior college based out of Florida. Its mission is to enhance the lives of students by helping them acquire extensive knowledge and useful abilities. It strives to provide relevant and meaningful educational opportunities that promote professional and personal development. It is committed to providing a positive online educational atmosphere that offers enriched learning experiences. It is also dedicated to employing supportive faculty and staff members who are professional, considerate, and up-to-date on current technology.

Jones College

Jones College offers an Upside-Down Curriculum, which enables students to complete some major courses as early as the first or second semester in addition to taking required general education courses. All programs feature the necessary tools, equipment, and learning materials to make sure learning experiences are meaningful and promote success. All programs implement various instructional methods to meet the needs of all students and courses. Methods include lecture, discussions, team projects, and independent study. Students are required to be active participants and engage in discussion. All course activities prepare students for real life work experiences.

Jones College Online Learning allows students to complete courses on a flexible basis while maintaining work and other obligations. Online courses can be accessed 24 hours a day 7 days a week from any computer or device with an Internet connection. Online students are required to complete the online student orientation before starting their first course. The orientation introduces students to the virtual learning environment and explains the basic skills required to adequately complete online coursework. Online courses utilized the Blackboard Learning Platform and all assignments, examinations, and communication is done within the course website. Online students are required to verify their identity through personal challenge questions before taking examinations. The questions are presented at random with short time to answer to ensure the student is completing their own online coursework. Jones College Online offers Associate of Science and Bachelor of Science degree programs with concentrations in business administration, legal assistant, interdisciplinary studies, and computer information systems.

The Career Development Office at Jones College provides assistance to graduates preparing to enter the workforce. It offers help with career employment market research, career field counseling, resume review and recommendations for improvement, conducting job searches, preparing for job interviews. It also hosts career employment fairs on campus. Graduates have access to the Career Development Office throughout their careers with no fees.

Annie Harper Jones founded Jones College in Jacksonville, Florida in 1918. It originally focused on business training. It was chartered by the State of Florida as a non-profit institution of higher education in 1947. It opened an additional campus in 1985. Today, Jones College has two campuses along with its online learning division.


The Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools accredits Jones College to grant diplomas, associate degrees, and bachelor degrees.

Scholarships Offered

Jones College offers various institutional scholarships including the Josephine Forrestal Scholarship, Samuel J. Campbell Dynes Scholarship, Joe Harper Scholarship, Sophomore Honor Scholarship, Junior Honor Scholarship, Senior Honor Scholarship, and Jack H. Jones Scholarships, William H. Stoddard Scholarships, Dorothy McEwen Elrod Scholarships, Albert Paul Lima Scholarships, Julian H. Jackson Scholarships, and Raymond N. Gross Scholarships. It also offers the Joyce Brewe Scholarships for dependents of alumni of Jones College and the International Student Grant for international students.

Financing Options

Jones College participates in various financial aid programs including federal and state programs such as Federal Pell Grant, Federal Perkins Loan, Academic Competitiveness Grant (ACG), Federal Direct Plus Loan, National Science and Mathematics Access to Retain Talent Grant (SMART Grant), Federal Stafford Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans, Federal Work-Study Program, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG), and Florida Postsecondary Assistance Grant Fund. It also accepts employer educational assistance, military tuition assistance programs, and veterans assistance programs.

Credit Earning Options

Jones College grants transfer credits for coursework completed at other accredited institutions of higher education and for previous training and experiences. All transfer courses must have received a grade of a C or higher. The college accepts credits earned through the College Level Examination Program, Advanced Placement courses and life experience credit may be granted for military, professional, or industrial training. A maximum amount of credits granted for life experiences is 9 credits for associate degrees and 21 credits for bachelor degrees. Students may able be granted credit by passing proficiency examinations with at least a grade of a B. The proficiency examinations are administered by Jones College throughout the semester. A maximum of 15 credits can be earned through examinations. Students applying for transfer credits must submit official transcripts and other supporting documents. Students must complete their last 21 credits for associate degrees and 30 credits for bachelor degrees at Jones College.

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