Lincoln College Online

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Lincoln College Online is a private for-profit institution of higher education that is a division of Lincoln College of Technology based out of West Palm Beach, Florida. It is a part of a broad network composed of 43 individual college and technical institutes around the United States that is owned and operated by Lincoln Educational Services. Lincoln College Online traces its history back to 1946 focusing on career-based education to enable individuals to advance in their careers.

Lincoln College Online strives to combine the best aspects of online education with the quality experiences of a traditional college setting to enable students to gain flexibility and convenience of online learning and the academic excellence and individual attention of a campus-based college. Its goal is to provide accelerated career education to help students develop the necessary confidence and abilities to succeed in rewarding positions. It provides education and support to individuals seeking employment in new fields or those who wish to advance in their current careers. It prides itself on offering convenient high quality online learning opportunities that focus on personalized attention and constant communication among students and faculty.

Lincoln College Online accommodates the career needs of students by enabling them to pursue their education while maintaining jobs and other obligations. Online courses provide flexibility and maximum convenience for working adult students. Students are never required to be online at a pre-determined time and the courses do not involve group assignments. Students have access to a personal online calendar to keep track of courses and assignments. In all courses students are required to complete a certain amount of academic activities on a weekly basis with flexible submissions.

Lincoln College Online offers associate and bachelors degrees in various fields including advanced medical coding and billing, business management, graphic design, criminal justice, health information technology, web design, and information management and security. The curricula have been developed based on collaboration of professionals in the industry, the college’s curriculum experts, and major book publishers. The virtual classroom enables students to consistently interact with instructors and other students through email, chats, and discussion boards. The online courses feature interactive modules to capture the interest of students and facilitate meaningful learning experiences. Course content includes online lessons, audio and visual components, case studies, quizzes and tests, writing assignments, interactive assignments, and individual projects. Students also receive textbooks to complete reading assignments. Students are also able to go back and refresh themselves in any courses that they originally completed at no extra cost.

Lincoln College Online is committed to employing faculty and staff members with extensive experience and dedication to mentoring students in all aspects. In addition to focusing on the educational development and success of students, faculty and staff members concentrate on each student’s ability to effectively navigate through the online learning platform. They offer assistance throughout the education path to make sure students gain a positive experience. Instructors are easily accessible through email and virtual office hours.

Lincoln College Online operates a Student Support Center that offers various services to help students with academics, technology, and job placement. The college provides Technical Support through its help desk that is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week to provide assistance for students with online courses and basic computer troubleshooting. Students have access to tutoring services that include specialists in research, writing, time management, citations, and study skills. Some tutors also specialize in specific subject areas. Tutoring is available on an individual or group basis at varying times to meet the needs of busy schedules. The Student Support Center also provides a webinar series that cover various topics including time management, writing research papers, balancing education and other obligations, and other appropriate topics.

The Career Services Department provides customized career assistance on a personalized basis to help students attain their professional and personal goals. Career Services Representatives discuss the needs of students and customize the assistance to best suit every individual student. The department also conducts webinars on various topics including employability skills, resume writing, interviewing methods, and how to effectively use online job boards. It also works to develop positive working relationships with potential employers to find job leads.


The Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS) accredits Lincoln College Online.

Financing Options

Lincoln College Online participates in various financial aid programs. Federal programs include Federal Pell Grants, Federal Stafford Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans, and Federal Parent PLUS Loans. The college also accepts alternative loans and Veterans’ Benefits programs.

Credit Earning Options

Lincoln College Online accepts transfer credits from accredited institution on an individual basis. Courses must meet the college’s standard academic criteria and students seeking credit for transfer coursework must submit an official transcript.