Newport Business Institute

Newport Business Institute

Newport Business Institute

The Newport Business Institute is a private for-profit two-year postsecondary school that offers career-oriented training programs. It prepares students to meet their professional and personal goals and to advance in current positions. Its programs are developed to meet the job requirements of today’s employers. It is committed to providing high-quality education that features practical hands-on learning experiences to help students acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to have a successful career. It strives to maintain effective communication among students, faculty members, and staff. The Newport Business Institute is also committed to serving students through active instruction, research, tutoring, and guidance. It also offers placement assistance with looking for employment. It is a member of the Career College Association and has a variety of resources to help graduates secure positions.

The Newport Business Institute is dedicated to providing high quality education programs in an online environment. The online programs take pride in outstanding graduation and placement rates. The online programs provide extensive computer training and help students develop interpersonal and organizational communication skills and other useful skills to pursue successful careers. The programs also provide up-to-date training and focus on personalized attention and guidance. The Newport Online Learning Management System is easy to navigate and includes an online orientation video, live technical assistance, online library, and Student Concierge Service that enables students to call or email support staff for assistance. All students have a Personal Education Plan to help instructors focus on individual needs and online students are required to log in to their courses at least once a week and submit assignments. The online programs are offered at the Associate in Specialized Business degree level in business administration with a concentration in accounting computer applications, paralegal administrative assistant, and secretarial science in medical billing and coding, medical transcription, and medical administrative assistant. The online degree programs generally take from 18 to 24 months to complete.

The business administration in accounting computer applications program provides students with a solid background in microcomputers and the dual option is designed to provide students with the necessary skills to be successful in the modern business environment. The program provides instruction on the latest business-oriented accounting principles and current software packages. The business administration aspect of the program enables students to gain a broad background in management. The program is divided up into 16 modules and includes courses such as keyboarding, psychology of success, mathematics, law, accounting, Microsoft Word, English, written communications, payroll, Excel, human relations, web page design, cost accounting, history of business, Power Point, career development and a business seminar. The length of the program is 96 weeks and requires a total of 117 credits.

The paralegal administration assistant program provides specialized education in the legal field and enables students to develop advanced legal skills and note taking and typewriting abilities. The program also focuses on business concepts and advanced word processing concepts using Excel and Access programs. The program is divided into 14 modules and includes courses in keyboarding for microcomputers, law, mathematics, legal terminology, legal office procedures, legal keyboarding, office technologies, machine transcription, accounting, legal document processing, business machines, and a business seminar. The length of the program is 84 weeks and requires a total of 102 credits.

Professor Harry Sayre founded the Newport Business Institute as Sayre Business College in 1895. The college became New Kensington Commercial School in 1920 to identify the institution with the location it served. In 1975, the school moved to a new location in Lower Burrell. Throughout its history the school continued to expand and it acquired two additional schools and eventually it became the Newport Business Institute in 1995.


The Accrediting Council of Independent Colleges and Schools accredits the Newport Business Institute.

Scholarships Offered

The Newport Business Institute offers a variety of scholarships including the FBLA Scholarship, Merit Scholarship, Adult Scholarship, Jeanne H. Mullen Scholarship, Alex Goshorn Memorial Scholarship, Imagine American Scholarships, and DECA Scholarship. The institute also encourages students to apply for scholarships offered by outside sources.

Financing Options

The Newport Business Institute participates in numerous financial aid programs to assist students with paying for tuition and fees. Examples of programs include the Federal Pell Grant, Pennsylvania State Grant, Federal Direct Stafford Subsidized Loan, Federal Direct Stafford Unsubsidized Loan, Academic Competitiveness Grant (ACG), Federal PLUS Loan, and student assistance loans from other states. It also participates in the War Orphans Educational Assistance, G.I. Bill, and Vocational Rehabilitation for Veterans programs as well as other state and federal programs.

Credit Earning Options

The Newport Business Institute grants transfer credit for courses previously completed at another institution of higher learning. Students are able to transfer up to 45 credits and courses are evaluated on an individual basis. Students are required to submit official transcripts and may need to provide a course catalog, course descriptions, or course syllabus.

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