Pace University

Pace University

Pace University

Pace University is a private non-profit university with the mission of providing high quality professional training that is combined with a superior liberal education to help students improve their lives and increase career prospects in popular fields. The programs promote independent thinking and development of an outlook of the real world. Pace University is known for its learning environment that focuses on the outcome of quality education.

Pace University

Pace University strives to relate all of its programs to the current trends in careers and it provides students with real-world experiences through various learning opportunities such as co-operative work experiences and internships. Class sizes are kept small to emphasize the development of critical thinking and other skills as well as the ability to provide one-on-one interaction with students. Learning experiences highlight a combination of theoretical and practical viewpoints that draw on the know-how of qualified faculty members.

Pace University Online extends the institution’s objectives and mission to provide flexible online courses and programs to students. It offers programs at the associate, bachelor, master, and doctorate levels along with professional certificates. Individual online courses are offered by all of the schools of education. Continuing legal education is also offered online. The online environment utilizes Blackboard learning platform that features a virtual learning environment that is easily navigated to promote the success of online learning. It includes a calendar, email, discussion boards, chat, tools, services, learning updates and various other sections.

Pace University traces its history back to 1906 when the Pace brothers borrowed money to rent classrooms to prepare individuals to become accountants. Pace Institute started its transformation after World War II into a contemporary university that focuses on liberal arts and sciences, it was granted college status in 1948 and authorized to award a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1950. Throughout the mid-1960s to early 1980s, the institute established its schools of education. During the last three decades, Pace University continued to expand and today it enrolls about 13,500 students in undergraduate and graduate programs.


The Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools accredits Pace University.

Schools of Education

Dyson College of Arts and Sciences: offers innovative liberal arts programs that blend liberal and practical learning experiences. Enables students to complete a flexible curriculum geared toward their individual interests.

Lubin School of Business: prepares students for the changing business world by offering programs that combine theory and practice from continuous input from the business community.

School of Education: prepares students to meet teaching certification requirements and become educators who are committed to the success of a wide range of students and promoting lifelong learning experiences.

Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems: provides diverse and practical education established in theory and based on real-life experiences. Prepares students to solve the latest technologies in various fields.

Leinhard School of Nursing: committed to leadership and opportunity and puts advanced nursing concepts into practice with a combination of cutting edge theories and practical learning experiences.

School of Law: converts students into successful legal professionals through innovative programs, stimulating learning environment, and various practical opportunities.

Scholarships Offered

Pace University offers various scholarships including President’s Scholarship, Pforzheimer Honors College Scholarship, Pace Grant, Pace Incentive Award, Trustee Recognition Award, Deans’ Scholarship, Transfer Incentive Award, Carl and Lily Pforzheimer Foundation Endowed Scholarship Fund, and Endowed Scholarships.

Financing Options

Pace University accepts various federal financial aid programs such as Federal Pell Grant, Federal Work Study, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG), Federal Perkins Loan, Federal Direct Stafford Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans, and Federal PLUS Loans. It accepts financial aid programs from the state of New York such as Tuition Assistance Program and Aid for Part-Time Study Program. It also offers a tuition remission program for faculty, spouses and dependent children as well as assistance for students with extenuating financial circumstances. Other ways to finance education include alternative private loans.

Credit Earning Options

Pace University grants credits for coursework completed at another accredited institution of higher education. All transfer courses must have a grade of a C or better and be applicable to corresponding courses in a certain program or electives. At least 50% of a students major program must be complete at Pace University and students may earn up to 96 credits toward a bachelor degree from an accredited four-year institution and 68 credits toward a bachelor degree from an accredited two-year institution. Students must submit official transcripts and descriptions of courses. Pace University also grants credits for prior learning including credit by examination (College Level Examination Program), experiential learning, and credit recommended by the American Council on Education/Program on Noncollegiate Sponsored Instruction (ACE/PONSI). Students seeking experiential learning credit must be assessed by an advisor and are encouraged to enroll in a prior learning assessment course to compose a portfolio to submit for evaluation. Students can gain between up to 15 or 36 portfolio credits depending on program.

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