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Pinnacle Career Institute

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Pinnacle Career Institute

Pinnacle Career Institute is a career college based out of Kansas City, Missouri. It is committed to superior student-centered education, student success, and helping students achieve their career goals. Its mission is to empower students to improve their lives and make a positive contribution to the organizations they work for and in the communities they live. Its core values are integrity, accountability, academic excellence, teamwork, and to up-serve students. Pinnacle Career Institute offers a variety of programs at the certificate and associate degree levels in many different career fields including business, electronics, health and fitness, and trades and technical. It prides itself on faculty members that bring their real-world experience to the educational environment to enable students to apply what they learn to their careers. Pinnacle Career Institute is passionate and responsive to the changing needs of students, faculty and staff, and communities and it constantly undergoes evaluation and improvement processes to improve its academic programs and student services.

Pinnacle Career Institute offers online programs designed to meet the needs of busy adults. The institute is committed to providing the same quality education online as in campus-based programs. The online programs are offered at the certificate and Associate of Occupational Studies degree level in numerous areas such as business administration, information technology, medical assistant, medical billing and coding, health information technology, personal training, and wind turbine technology. The online programs are delivered on a year-round basis through the Learning Management System. The system is consistently accessible from any device with a connection to the Internet. The virtual classroom enables students to view and listen to lectures; view web-based tutorials for lectures, labs, and tests; complete assignments, quizzes, and tests; participate in class forums and discussions; chat live with other students and instructors; and receive assistance and feedback from instructors. Lectures and course content are presented via presentations videos, animated simulations, and other multimedia. Students are expected to access the online classroom at least once per week and consistently interact with other students and instructors. Online courses have a maximum of 30 students to ensure all individuals receive personalized attention. Pinnacle Career Institute has partnered with the Library and Information Resources Network to provide students with web access to a virtual library that houses various online materials. The databases are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week and students have the support of a Pinnacle Career Institute librarian and a library blog.

Pinnacle Career Institute was founded in 1953 as Electronics Institute, Inc. Until 1959, the institute operated as a subsidiary of the National School of Aeronautics and it was then purchased by H.V. Leslie. A Kansas City group headed by Mr. E.L. Wasson bought the institute in 1965 and it was acquired by Jeremiah Ford II in 1971. The Electronics Institute merged with Manufacturers Technical Institutes, Inc in 1988. Throughout the 1990s and early 2000s the school underwent a process to diversify its programs. It became Pinnacle Career Institute in 2002 to better reflect its expansion and diversity of academic programs. The institute was approved to offer distance education programs through online course delivery in 2005.


The Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges accredits Pinnacle Career Institute.

Scholarships Offered

Pinnacle Career Institute offers numerous scholarships including the Legacy Scholarship, PCI Military Scholarship, PCI Military Tuition Assistance (TA) Scholarship, Pinnacle Career Institute Agency Benefits and Matching Grants, PCI High School Scholarship, Career Training Foundation Imagine America: High School Scholarship Program, Career Training Foundation Imagine America Military Scholarship, Career Training Foundation Boot Camp Residential Scholarship, Career Training Foundation PCI Military Scholarship, and Career Training Foundation Imagine America Adult Skills Education Scholarship Program.

Financing Options

Pinnacle Career Institute participates in various financial aid programs including the Federal Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG), Federal Direct Stafford Subsidized Loan, Federal Direct Stafford Unsubsidized Loan, Academic Competitiveness Grant (ACG), Federal Perkins Loan, and Federal PLUS Loan. The institute also accepts private loans and it offers a payment plan for students.

Credit Earning Options

Pinnacle Career Institute grants credit for courses previously completed at another college or university on a course-by-course basis. All transfer courses must have a grade of a C or better and have been completed within the past five years. Students are able to earn up to 50 percent of the required credits for a certain program. Students are required to submit official transcripts and other supporting information. The institute also enables students to earn credit by examination for previous education or training. The previous education or experience must be documented and students are required to pass a written and performance examination. A minimum grade of 80 percent is required to receive credit. Students are only able to take the test one time to receive credit for a particular course and credit by examination can only be granted for two classes in a particular program. Pinnacle Career Institute also grants credit for military experiences.