Virginia College

Virginia College

Virginia College

Virginia College Online is a private for-profit proprietary institution of higher education that is dedicated to offering diploma programs, associate degrees, baccalaureate degrees, and master degrees that support and increase students abilities to pursue successful careers when just entering the workforce or those moving up in their current field. Students learning experiences and placement prospects are enhanced through academic studies that give a balance of general academic courses, technical abilities, and personal growth.

Virginia College’s goal is embedded in its responsibility to its students, the general public, and the business and technical communities. The college offers learning opportunities through curricula in administrative, business, business-related, management, professional, and technical programs that are intended to prepare students to directly enter the workforce or improve their advancement opportunities within a high-level business organization.

Virginia College Online upholds Virginia College’s tradition of giving students new direction and the college strives to fulfill its mission statement to all students regardless of where they live. Students around the country can complete their education entirely online via the Internet. Virginia College Online allows students to conveniently pursue their education while maintaining work and family commitments.

A flexible online education experience is provided by Virginia College Online. The faculty and staff understand that students choose online education because it provides a great deal of flexibility. Deadlines for assignments are based on the syllabus for each course, but coursework can be accessed and completed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to adjust to your schedule. The college uses Web CT and offers a technical support line that is always readily available.

Fast-track programs that are focused on the job market are offered by Virginia College Online. The online college was created to provide students with high quality and accredited academic programs that are focused on careers. The associate, bachelor, and master online degree programs highlight a fast-track approach without giving up the high quality education that students and employers expect and demand.

Providing cost-efficient education is very important to Virginia College Online. At many colleges and universities tuition is only one expense and the fees in textbooks can cost up to hundreds or thousands of dollars throughout a student’s college career. At Virginia College Online, the tuition for each academic program includes the cost of every single textbook for every class.

Virginia College Online also offers career placement assistance to help graduates after they receive their degree. Graduates often do not know how to use their new degree for their career. Many wish to look for a new occupation and others want to move up in their current job. A Career Services Associate is available to help you obtain a new career or enhance your current one.

Virginia College was founded in 1983 by the Atlantis Group, Inc. In 1989, the college was acquired by Career Futures, Inc. In 1992, Virginia College opened its first branch campus located in Birmingham, Alabama. In 1995, the Birmingham campus became the college’s main campus, the second branch campus located in Huntsville, Alabama was opened in 1993. The Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACIS) recognized Virginia College as a senior college in 1997, shortly after in 1999, Education Corporation of America purchased the college. The third branch located in Jackson Mississippi opened in 2000. The most recent additions include the Augusta, Georgia Campus that opened in June 2009 and the Charleston, South Carolina campus due to open in October 2009.

The main campus is located in Birmingham, Alabama, and there are currently 13 campuses in 7 states.


The Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS) accredits Virginia College Online at the national level. ACICS also accredits all programs at all of the campuses of the college.

Scholarships Offered

Virginia College Online offers an undergraduate scholarship program, Virginia College Career Training Scholarship for Working Parents. The scholarship is based on financial need, entrance scores, and previous academic achievement. Students must have at least one dependent child under 19 years old.

Financing Options

The Financial Planning department at Virginia College Online helps you finance your education by helping you weigh your options and discuss different options such as federal grants and private student loans. For those who qualify there are grants such as the Federal Pell Grant and many private loan options available.

Credit Earning Options

Virginia College Online grants credits for transfer courses from other postsecondary institutions and credit for military training. All credits are granted on a case-by-case basis and all situations should be discussed with an admission associate.

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