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Walden University

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Walden University

Walden University is a private, Higher Education graduate institution that offers advanced education to working professionals, who desire positive social change to advance the greater global good. The faculty, students, and alumni are dedicated to improving human and social situations by developing and applying strategies to benefit individuals, communities, organizations, and society as a whole. Walden University offers programs at the bachelor, master, doctorate, and continuing education level in many areas such as business administration, child development, computer information systems, psychology, and leadership. Walden’s programs are designed by academic professionals who constantly update courses to ensure they are relevant and current. The distance learning approach provides thorough learning by encouraging students to share their experiences with other students from all over the world. Walden incorporates a Scholar-Practitioner Model to help you effectively combine scholarly research with knowledge to grow as an expert in your career field.

Walden is dedicated to helping you succeed. The faculty and staff at Walden are committed to helping you balance your education with the other aspects of your life. Walden offers resources such as an outstanding library, tutoring, Writing Center, and other student services.

Walden University, whose headquarters are located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is also a part of the Laureate International Universities, a worldwide association of over 42 accredited campus-based and online institutions in 20 countries that provide education to almost 500,000 students worldwide.

Two New York teachers, Bernie and Rita Turner, founded Walden University in 1970. The Turners wanted to provide a way for working adults to pursue doctoral degrees and evolve into leaders dedicated to making positive changes in our society. The first Walden office was opened in Naples, Florida in 1971. In 1995, Walden offered its first completely online master degree program, which was also the nation’s first. In 2000, Walden became the first distance-learning university to gain research-intensive categorization by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. U.S. News & World Report referred to Walden as “well regarded” and listed it as one of the “Best of the Online Grad Programs” in 2001.


Walden University is accredited regionally by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Walden University’s Master of Science program in Nursing is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).

Schools of Education

The Richard W. Riley College of Education and Leadership provides programs that are designed to prepare future educators with the essential skills and confidence to make a difference in any setting in which they desire to teach. The college offers programs in many areas, such as special education, adult education, and early childhood education.

The College of Health Sciences, consisting of the School of Health Sciences and the School of Nursing, provides working professionals with practical knowledge and focuses on creating positive change through practice-oriented theories in the field of health services.

The College of Management and Technology encompasses the School of Management and the NTU School of Engineering and Applied Science. The School of Management provides programs that are designed to build a sold foundation in business, management, and administration. The NTU School of Engineering and Applied Science enables students to improve their competitive edge in the constantly changing field of technology, with programs in areas such as software engineering and project management.

The College of Social and Behavioral Sciences includes the School of Counseling and Social Service, the School of Psychology, and the School of Public Policy and Administration. These schools offer programs in many areas of psychology, social services, mental health counseling and public policy.

The Center for Undergraduate Studies offers general education core courses and the Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies degree program. The school offers additional degrees in business administration, child development, computer information systems, instructional design and technology, and psychology.

Scholarships Offered

Walden University offers merit-based scholarships such as Commitment to Social Change Scholarship, Presidential Scholarship, Dave Palmer Military Scholarship, and National Public Service Scholarship.

Financing Options

Walden participates in financial aid programs such as Federal Pell Grants, Federal Stafford Loans, Federal PLUS Loans, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG), and Federal Work-Study. Other financing options are monthly installment plans, veterans’ benefits, private loans, tuition reduction opportunities, and Higher Education Professional Development Program for faculty and staff.

Credit Earning Options

Walden allows students to earn transfer credit from other institutions. Students’ transcripts will be assessed on an individual basis. The university also grants credits based on Defense Activity for Non-traditional Education Support (DANTES) and College Level Examination Program (CLEP) examinations, military training, and work experience.

School Facts

  • Institutional Accrediting
    North Central Association of Schools and Colleges
  • Address
    650 South Exeter Street
    Baltimore, MD 21202
  • Institution Type
    Private, for-profit, Higher Education
  • Calendar Type
    Walden offers frequent start dates. Check with an Enrollment Advisor for details.
  • Delivery Format
    Online course structure with residency requirements for Ph.D. programs.
  • Carnegie Classification
    Doctoral/Research University Intensive
  • Technical Requirements
    Applicants to master’s programs should possess minimum online and Internet capability, and KAM-based students should have a working knowledge and understanding of computers, but computer literacy is not essential.
  • Geographic Restrictions
    Walden best serves the needs of those students living within the United States or Canada.
  • On-Campus Requirement
    Doctoral programs require 20 units of academic residency, and some master’s programs have specific courses and specializations with residency requirements.
  • Credit-earning Options
    Transfer of credit varies by applicant.
  • Loans Offered
    Walden offers Federal Financial Aid and Student loans. A full-service financial aid office offers assistance to students who need help funding their educational expenses.