Weiss Ratings Review (Crypto Investor)

Getting a deal on crypto through Weiss Ratings? Founder Dr. Martin D. Weiss claims that is the case with unknown cryptos, that apparently have profits of fifty-X or more.

In The Next Bitcoins (a presentation he did that was time sensitive), Weiss said “What I’m going to cover today is a short list of cryptocurrencies that have the potential to collectively create greater wealth for investors than Bitcoin ever has, or probably ever will.”

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This Weiss Ratings (Crypto Investor) review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Weiss goes on to say “That’s a lot of wealth. More than most people can imagine. If you had invested a meager one hundred dollars when Bitcoin first traded publicly, and you simply held it through the ups and downs, you’d have more than seventy-nine million dollars today.

Again, starting with just a hundred dollars. Can that really be repeated? Could you invest a hundred dollars right now and again turn it into tens of millions of dollars? In Bitcoin? No. But with the cryptos I’ll be telling you about today? You can still get in on the ground floor.”

He also says “You need to take a deep dive into a sector of the crypto world that very few people have even heard of. I call it the greatest money revolution of all time. That’s not an overstatement. Some might even say it’s an understatement.

Because the little-known cryptos I name in a moment are beginning to thoroughly revolutionize the largest industry on earth: banking and finance. They are creating a new, absolutely transformative sector of the crypto world called decentralized finance, or DeFi for short.

It’s an entirely new kind of financial system that cuts out the middleman; that lets people borrow and lend money directly from each other; that lets people buy and sell stocks directly from each other; all peer to peer, all without traditional banks, without traditional brokers, even without stock exchanges.

And here’s the part I like the best: without the big central banks of the world debasing the currency that our assets are denominated in. Billionaire Mark Cuban says, ‘Banks should be scared of this movement.’”

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DeFi has grown at an alarming rate within just 6 months time- about a hundredfold. And this is only the beginning. The way we look at money and how we handle it is changing right now as we speak. If you want to get in on this transformation there are 3 ways you can go about it.

  1. You can buy into the cryptocurrency that serves as the framework for DeFi.
  2. There are 3 lesser cryptos you can purchase that are already kingpins of DeFi.
  3. Discover unknown cryptos with big potential. These will be much harder to attain that option 1 or 2.

Method 3, of course, is the most enticing because it offers the highest profits. It is so lucrative that Weiss has a team of analysts whose job is to uncover these unknown cryptos. Weiss has an arrangement that lets you get in on these deals and invest with ease.

And don’t worry- that might sound a bit shady but it’s totally legal. Anyone can take advantage of these opportunities, you don’t need to be an investor or industry insider. Plus, you don’t need to stress over margins, options, or futures.

So now what?

Well, first you don’t want to go for the lowest-rated cryptos. Secondly, you should purchase Ethereum. Ethereum is a part of the framework of DeFi. Third, download The Eyes and Ears of the World Computer, their no-cost report. Fourth, invest in this undiscovered crypto that actually invests in other unknown cryptos (revealed in the free reports).

Fifth, you’ll want to watch their video series which is made up of tutorials on how to be the first to buy undiscovered cryptos. Lastly, to get these bonuses you’ll need to pay $93 annually to subscribe to Weiss Crypto Investor newsletter.

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