Joel Kaplan’s Pay Per Show Agency Review

Joel Kaplan gained more than 100 customers last year using a new pay-per-show approach. If you want to continue in business, he advises, you should stop using retainers and instead adopt a performance-based price system.

Is that really the case? It’s hard to believe that he’s saying anything fresh…

Isn’t this something that has been done by leading companies for a while now? The following is a summary of my thoughts on Joel Kaplan’s work.


This Joel Kaplan's Pay Per Show Agency review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

The agency bubble is set to burst according to Joel, who argues that the retainer model is collapsing. His company, Atlas Digital, lost plenty of customers after the Covid incident. Stopping loss was a primary priority. What could they do to ensure that their clientele would remain loyal in the face of all the turmoil and uncertainty?

Couldn’t we just charge them when someone shows up for an appointment? They wondered. That query turned out to be worth a lot of money.

Having made the switch to a pay-per-show model, they’ve been on fire. This helps you get new customers and keep them on board. You may also create more using it. Instead of earning a flat $1,500 a month or whatever it was before, you now have an opportunity for growth.

The only catch is that you must be able to produce outcomes. That’s interesting, isn’t it?

Even if you’re making a profit by charging your customers a monthly flat cost, proceed with caution. If you don’t innovate quickly enough, you may be left behind in the market. It’s possible that your PPS rivals will overtake you when there is the inevitable market correction.

Marketing and advertising dollars must be used wisely since businesses can no longer afford to squander them. It’s a given that PPS will.

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In Joel’s opinion, pay-per-show remuneration is the best type of performance-based pay. For example, customers may have a problem with lead quality if they pay per lead. If you have a high number of no-shows with pay per appointment, the same thing will happen.

What about a commission based on the number of sales? I can’t follow it since it’s too difficult to track. It’s possible to lose a substantial sum of money this way. PPS is the closest thing we have to perfection. Quality leads are only paid for if they show up. Win-win.

To get the PPS model to work, you’ll need three items. One, a system powered by artificial intelligence that monitors your leads round-the-clock. This increases the proportion of leads who respond to your marketing efforts. A remote contact center that calls leads and makes sure they show up for their booked appointments. This is the second option.

This is the third and last option: virtual assistants. You can dominate practically any market if you have all three of these things in place. For Joel, e-commerce and dining establishments are two things that should be avoided.

But what about the monetary side of things? Automated call centers and virtual assistants may be used to follow up with leads after their scheduled appointments to verify whether they showed up or not, or you can utilize the honor system and accept the client’s word for it.

If this is the case, you note it down and utilize a billing program to charge your client’s bank account immediately. Have questions regarding Joel’s Pay Per Show Program? Please feel free to contact us. Make an appointment to speak with a member of his staff. The price tag might be upwards of $5,000. See how PPS works with Google traffic by clicking the link below.

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