A Digital Landlord Review From Modern Millionaires

Officeless Agency masterclass is a study course of the brand The Modern Millionaires, founded by Abdul Farooqi and Chance Welton, which offers classes for only $10.

But surprise! It didn’t end with that said cheap payment only. They will start to offer a main course and a mastermind, so you will need to hand another $7,000 plus potentially 30 grand. Are you ready to pay more when you expect less? Is the course worth that money? Is it really a blunt scam like what other people claim? 

Continue reading and let us investigate their YouTube advertisement to know what the truth is.


This A Digital Landlord review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Abdul and Chance introduce a model named laptop landlords. Unlike most landlords, you won’t have to deal with the turmoil of evicting tenants in person and feeling depleted of all your goodwill. They are offering a much more peaceful option.   

You will also earn like a normal landlord who gets their profit monthly. But you don’t need to handle the renters’ problems, such as maintenance and other pleas like moving the payments deadline. 

How is it possible? What you offer is not physical but digital. Because your tenants are small-business entrepreneurs, you won’t have to deal with grumpy people who have a lot of excuses. Also, you earn more, ranging between $2,000 to $5,000 on each tenant. 

So what is it actually? “You get on your laptop, press a special sequence of keys, and you help these businesses unlock high value land on sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Google,” Abdul says.

“Then you go ahead and build them ads on that land. Simple little ads that blow up their phones with new clients and customers. The best part? You only have to do the setup work once, and month after month your tenants happily send you money. It’sIt’s semi-passive income without the headaches, hassles, and huge expenses of investing in real estate,” he adds.

Chance Abdul Laptops

Profits of up to $7.5 million can be achieved in just three years, according to Abdul and Chance’s experience. “We set up simple ads that attract customers and create raging demand from business owners, and we get paid from them month after month,” Abdul reiterates.

Need evidence? Abdul shows an email where his regular client over five months pays $5,150 on his Stripe account. If it is not enough, more people earn the same way as he is. 

He flaunts Modern Millionaire students’ current incomes on jewelry advertisements, hoodie advertisements, and other businesses. Jason, who switched his career to a digital landlord, is currently earning $15,000. Krista, who is the only one who takes care of her baby, is making $8,000 a month without neglecting her responsibilities as a mother. 

Is it a scam? The 380 people that joined don’t think so. You can prove it to yourself by entering their 100% free training. According to Abdul, tap the link and register as this offer is only time-limited. 

It is a little plain from other advertisements without provocation or persuasion to attract people with the huge profit. I hope their next ads will have a brief overview of how they help their students have clients and tackle some issues that digital landlords may frequently face from time to time.

They are living proof that staying in the dark doesn’t always help to solve misunderstandings. Letting people know how they get loyal clients, their actions when a contract ends, and how they set the advertisement payments won’t hurt a bit. In truth, it would attract more interest and clear their name. 

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