Brian Moran’s SamCart 1 Simple Page Review

Brian Moran, co-founder of SamCart, has some wonderful news for you. He looked at 728 best-selling books and discovered something that you might find interesting.

Most of them have been raking in millions online with just one page. “So I took what they were doing and created a whole new template inside of SamCart and tested out this notion for myself,” Brian added.

Without a multi-step marketing funnel, the post made them $182.355 in only a few days with no Facebook advertising, no 3-hour webinars and no overgrown ecom store.


This Brian Moran's SamCart 1 Simple Page review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Now pulling in an estimated $1,729 a day, it’s no wonder that this page has the highest sales conversions.  For someone who used to work in a recycling plant, this is ideal. Brian is convinced that once you get this single-page template, you will be able to build a 6-7 figure online business.

He’ll offer it to you for free if you buy an annual subscription. If you don’t mind the tedious countdown, it’ll only set you back $349 for about the first fiscal year. You can create an unlimited number of pages with SamCart and advertise as many goods and services as you would like.

You can sell your products and services in a wide range of ways. You can sell one-time or recurring items, set up payment plans, and even run trial sales. In addition to the single pager, you can choose from a variety of themes.

There’s more:

  •  The 1 Page Masterclass ($3,995 value)  
  • 1 Page Workshop ($199 value)  
  • Traffic Tactics ($1,997 value)  
  •  The $237k Swipe File ($1,495 value)  
  • Product Creation Masterclass ($499 value)  
  • 1 Page Wednesday Coaching Calls  
  • The Private Facebook Group  
  • Expert Bonus Training

The introductory $349 SamCart Launch Yearly Kit contains all of this. You can also add the $197 Facebook Ads Academy to your purchase at checkout if you like. Until you cancel, you’ll be charged $349 every year, although you are able to cancel whenever you like.  However, if you keep the service, you’ll be charged 40% more ($588/year) and all your bonuses will be forfeited.

Brian Moran

SamCart provides a 30-day, no-questions-asked cash-back guarantee. If you are dissatisfied during the first month, they will refund your entire payment. While I cannot promise that SamCart or this system will turn you into a millionaire, I can assure you that this will work. Lots of Brian’s students have used this method to attain the economic independence they’ve always wanted for their family and themselves, according to Brian.

Brian Moran has built SamCart to be far more than just a subpar landing page creator, similar to Russell Brunson’s ClickFunnels project. Although the software is pretty cool, it is simple to overlook. Adding a pitch (“Launch a six-figure online business with a single page!”) and assistance, swipes, and masterclasses, for example? He’s now offering a business in a box, which many entrepreneurs find appealing.

If you’re wondering whether you really need SamCart or not… I’d have to say that you probably don’t.  It’s just an added expense for the most part.  He throws in SO MANY bells and whistles in his promos, that I can imagine a newbie jumping in and getting confused as to where to start that they never finish their first page.  

What I would suggest is that you wait until you feel like you absolutely need it.  After you have an offer that everyone likes and sales are coming in from a steady flow of traffic, but you believe that your conversions need an extra boost.  Then I would consider getting SamCart.  Just don’t get ahead of yourself.  

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