17 Dollar Shopify Store Review (Mikey Kass)

Mikey Kass decided to sell a ready-made Shopify store for a cheap price of 17 dollars. These stores are pretty much replicas of his online shop that incredibly makes $300,000 sales in a month.   

So good to hear! But does it mean you can pull off the same monthly sales by buying Mikey’s store? Let’s find out! Read on my Mikey Kass review.


This  review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Mikey Kass started dropshipping four years ago. He actually makes tons of sales even during the recent pandemic where most people prefer buying online. And yup, that made him a million! On the other hand, it forced him to expand one store leaving eight others collecting dust. He then had no choice but to sell it to other marketers. To be honest, I never want any of that to happen. After all the labor in building those sites? That’s something 17 bucks can’t payback.    

The sites undergo split testing. Mikey assures that you can still earn as much as they do. “These things are ready to go,” Mikey says. “It’s plug-and-play. We just need to transfer it to you. And once again, we only have eight of them, and we want to give them away to people who want to get started in this business model the right way,” he adds.

These prebuilt stores originally cost 5000 – 10,000 dollars, and now it’s down to 17. Consider it a steal! Mikey calls it a portal to your 6 figure income! He assumes that you can manage a hundred thousand monthly sales in dropshipping.

Mikey Kass Dropship

As much as I want to give him the benefit of the doubt, I just can’t. Think about this, who in the world would sell an online store for $17 if it had a 100K potential? Why not recruit more staff if the team could no longer handle the store? Plus, all those stores are already profitable, according to Mikey. Seriously! It just doesn’t make sense, like can’t he hire assistants to do the job?  

The weirdness doesn’t end there either. Don’t you know that Mikey’s done-for-you stores have been running several advertisements for more than a year? You can watch him make sales talk on YT, Facebook, Instagram, and Google. It’s always about building your wealth via dropshipping with the help of a $17 ready-made shop! If it’s true, then why take too long to sell this item? 

Let’s flip the coin and see the other side. What if Mikey runs out of niches to market? Buy one, and you immediately got 7 other competitors. Sooner or later, it’ll be oversaturated. We both know that the bigger the competition the bigger affect it has on your target sales. And what happens if you can’t earn up to 100K? There comes Mickey’s Good Life course that allegedly patches things up. You’ll learn how to make sales when you sign up for the program. Your 17 dollars now rises to $499! That’s the cost of Mickey’s crafted course.   

Coaching is definitely more expensive. And though it’s not required to skyrocket those prebuilt stores, we both know where it’s going. I got zero objection about the offer. I just hope that he mentions it beforehand. 

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