Rachel Rofe’s Repeat Buyers Strategy Review

Making lots of monthly sales is good, but having a bunch of regular customers is way better. According to Rachel Rofe, “Repeat customers are great because they’ve already bought from you.

They know that they like what you’re offering, and you don’t have to try and convince them to purchase from you. It’s just a much easier sale. They’re also more likely to tell their friends and family about you if they keep on coming back and having a good experience.” Interesting huh? Read on for a full Rachel Rofe review.


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It is considerably easier to get incurring and repeated customers than to acquire new buyers back to square one. I bet the two of us agree with Rachel’s statement! But how does she pull that thing off? What strat is needed to keep customers coming back?  

It’s simple! Rachel called it “Saved Replies.” A tool that saves time from responding to customers. It also has pre-written replies. If you’re familiar with Etsy’s Snippets, that’s precisely the same thing. Messages are ready to fire away once a customer clicks your chatbot. As a result, short-tempered buyers will be hooked on your store. They get a sense of importance.

Through this, you elevate the level of support in a second. You can immediately respond to complaints, inquiries, and even suggestions. It forms some sort of light-hearted convos where customers can shoot anything they got in mind. Hopefully, you’ll impress them enough to get them to come back for more. 

This is how you create Rachel’s Saved replies: Sign in to Etsy, click Shop Manager, from there, choose several ready-made messages on the left side. You can recompose or edit a bit on the top right button. Then save all those replies. As the owner, I’m pretty sure you already know common queries customers ask in your store. Try to light up the tone, and make them feel honored. 

Don’t forget to send follow-ups after they buy from your store. Ask if they’re satisfied with the product or if there’s any inconvenience (to improve your store). A little bit of effort can go on a long way. 

“So when I first started my Etsy store, I had a message that automatically sent to customers every time they purchased something from my store,” she recalls. “The message would offer them a coupon code for something like twenty percent off their next order as a thank you.”

Rachel Rofe Public speaking

You can do the same through your Etsy Shop account, click on the marketing button, then set up your special offer, discount, and coupon. Make sure to complete the details, click on review, and hit that confirm button. Customers receive that during or after the purchase. By the way, adhere to Etsy’s conditions, bribing for positive reviews is strictly banned. 

Another tip from Rachel is to create FAQs, rules & policies, refunds & exchanges, then pin them on top of your online store. Of course, you want to give details up-front, so they won’t be left confused.     

And if they still need clarifications, don’t hesitate to entertain through those customized saved replies. These are simple steps you can take to pursue repeated buyers. The best thing is, because of that experience, you could get free promotions from their circle of friends.  

 “So those are kind of the easy low-hanging things you can do to make more sales,” Rachel says. “They really are simple things, but they can make a big difference when it comes to getting repeat buyers and keeping people happy.”

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