Cole Gordon’s Remote Closing Academy Review

According to Cole Gordon, the fast track to $10k per month isn’t necessarily through mentoring, starting your own consulting agency, running a Shopify eCom store, buying real estate, or doing Amazon FBA.  

You can certainly make money with all these, but believe it or not, there’s a better way.  The main thing you need to focus on is learning a skill that pays well and won’t be affected by a downturn in the economy. Something that allows you the freedom to work the hours you want, and make 6 figures.  

It’s called Remote Closing Academy. 

So, what is it? 

Well, here’s his story…


This Remote Closing Academy review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

A few years back, Cole was making about $18k a year working his ass off as a bartender.  Watching his customers getting hammered every night wasn’t something that he wanted to do for the rest of his life, so he started looking for something different.  But, he didn’t want to go down the road of assembling a huge sales team, building out convoluted sales funnels, or risk losing his shirt paying for ads that might not convert into sales. 

Honestly, he would be happy as a clam if all he had to do was set his own hours, be his own boss, and be able to do the things whenever and wherever he wants. 

He was able to break free from his mundane routine through phone sales.  Mastering this one skill covered all the bases and gave him the time freedom he was looking for.  No need to run a business, meet payroll, or deal with angry customers. In fact, he hit his $10k per month goal in his first 30 days. 

He also felt a sense of accomplishment from it. He was helping small but thriving businesses by increasing their closing rates. His new mission is to assist others in doing the same.

Cole doesn’t get all bogged down with all the day-to-day stuff like customer service, advertising, and shipping orders.  All he does is take phone calls and signs people up into whatever program he’s selling, all the while making some pretty fat cash in the process.  And guess what?  He does this with just 2 things… his smartphone and a secret script on a 3×5 index card that he’ll be sharing with you. 

To hit it big as a remote closer, you just need to follow 3 simple rules.

  • Choose the right offer
  • Enroll, don’t sell
  • Find a mentor 
Remote Closing Academy

#1) When looking for offers, you want something that’s a high ticket with little overhead.  

High Ticket + Low overhead = High commissions

And right now the fastest growing industry is eLearning and it fits the bill to a T.  But be sure to do your homework because not every eLearning program is worth your time. 

Look for something that’s in high demand (ie, something that everybody wants or needs), so that you get a constant stream of ready buyers. 

#2) By the time the customer makes it to you, they’re probably already pre-sold… meaning they’re ready to buy, they just need a little help giving you their credit card number. So you really don’t even need to be a stellar salesperson either.  

Honestly, the only thing you need to do is address the questions they have, circle back to the reason they called in the first place, make them feel at ease with their decision, and help them get the ball rolling. 

#3) the last step is to find a mentor.  Someone who can hook you up with good offers, case studies, customer testimonials and a constant flow of inbound calls.  So, I know what you’re asking yourself right now… 

Where can I find somebody like this? 

Well, Cole!

As a matter of fact, his 7-figure Selling Academy, has a bunch of these programs that you can work with.  As soon as you’re done with the training in Remote Closing Academy, you’re good to go.  He’ll also help you land your first paying gig.  

Now, I couldn’t find any information on his site about how his program costs, but it’s a safe bet that if you don’t have any money to get started, you probably don’t need to apply. 

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