How Dustin Hahn Gets Properties Way Below Market Value

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Dustin Hahn claims to do 5-10 NEW real estate deals each month and that acquires those properties for well under market value (40% below). All that is possible because of a little secret he’s uncovered in the real investing world, and if you don’t learn it…you could lose big!

“So, probably what a lot of people don’t know,” he explains, “is how real estate data works, where it comes from. I’m sure if you’re on the internet, you’re seeing ads, and you’re seeing all sorts of different promotions.”


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“You’re seeing all these special types of software for finding information, finding deals and whatnot,” he continues. “And one type of software does one thing and another does this. One does this better, one does that better, and on and on and on it goes.

So what I wanna clarify, just so you’re not taken for a ride on this stuff, and really just getting caught up in ‘the next big thing’ that comes, I want you to understand a couple of things so you can keep this simple.”

“There’s a saying in marketing that says ‘to profit, complicate things.’ Because that way people don’t understand things and you can sell a solution to solve that complicated problem. So let’s talk about data. Now remember, in real estate, you pretty much have two options.

Option one is to pay full market value. Use a real estate agent, buy through Zillow, Craigslist, places like that, where everybody can go. Option two is the preferred method. Which is to get info on potentially motivated sellers.”

“People who have pain points. And in order to do that, you’re absolutely gonna need some resource to help you find those people. Now here’s the thing. Most of that information is just basically repackaged from the same source.

So for example, if you’re pulling title work or county records, there’s really only like a couple main data providers in the entire U.S. And these guys pull all of this information and it’s the places where like title companies go to check the title on a property, right?”

After all that, Dustin basically explains how all these softwares will plug into one or two of those data sources. Why’s that matter? Because if you’ve only done or two deals, you could increase your productivity by using the right tools. He recommends PropStream.

Don’t worry about all those copycats though. They might have a smoother look or be easier to read, but at the end of the day, it’s the data that matters. Not how shiny something is.

“For the most part, from what I’ve seen, it’s mostly just people rehashing the same information and adding marketing to it, which is what any good marketer who runs a business does,” Dustin explains.

“So I just wanted to bring that to your attention because a lot of people don’t know that and they think there’s like this magical source of beans that grow the bean stalk to cheap properties and all that sort of stuff. Granted, you do need the right strategy to grow your real estate investing business.”

That’s where I think Dustin Hahn comes in handy with his courses. His strategies to find these crazy good deals will be beneficial to you in having a competitive advantage, and I just like the fact that he’s a no fluff, no nonsense dude. God knows how many people are left like him today.

Still, I’m not entirely convinced how realistic it will be a for a newcomer to start finding 90% types of deal right away. At this point there’s thousands of students in his course right? So thousands of people operating in the same main markets he touches on?

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