Tai Lopez’s Crypto DeFi Accelerator Review

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If you know Tai Lopez, let me tell you: HE’S BACK. Not alone, but with a new business opportunity for all of you. “This bitcoin thing’s taking over the news,” he says. “I gotta tell you a crazy story.

In 2010, someone offered to pay ten thousand bitcoin for two pizzas. If they had accepted the bitcoin, how much cash would that be worth today? A hundred and seventy million dollars. He lost out, he missed out.

Now you might be asking if it’s too late to get into this bitcoin thing.”


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“It’s gone up, is it a bubble, is it gonna crash?” he added. “What I wanna say to you is that I’ve been traveling around the United States, meeting up with the best experts in the world on bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

So these are what you call the whales. These are people that have made ten million, hundred million, even some of ’em a billion or more in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Now here’s the deal: one of my mentors told me, ‘Tai, never be the first or the last to try a new idea, a new trend.'”

“For a lot of people, they’re goin’, ‘Oh, this is a scam, this bitcoin thing’s not real. This cryptocurrency thing’s not legit.’ But remember that story. In 2010, somebody lost, literally, a hundred and seventy million dollars ’cause they were skeptical, they didn’t see the future trend, they waited too long. Don’t be like that person.

Now I’m not promising you you can make a hundred and seventy million bucks; I’m just telling you a true story that nobody can argue with.”

“So what I’ve been doing is traveling the world and I’ve been meeting up with people. I’ve been in the business and finance game for a long time but this crypto thing is new. Part of the reason there’s big profits in it is not everybody understands it.

So I’ve been meeting up with these people who’ve made a killing in crypto, and in the spirit of paying it forward, I’m thankful for my blessings financially and just in life in general, these are people who don’t really like to speak publicly but they’ll share it with me ’cause we’re friends.”

Nowadays, Tai seems to be on bitcoin. He’s taking it very seriously, and I’m sure it shows. The other day, he even appeared in an IG live, claiming that you need to know about this smaller crypto coin that one of the Mystery Millionaires shared with him. Well, how good is this bitcoin that you need to know about it? Tai said it could double its price in just a day. Not bad, right? Tai even talks about the family line; he said that if you do not grab the opportunity today, your future kids and grandkids will hunt you someday, asking why you didn’t dip your toes in this whole digital currency trend. That would be a bit embarrassing, right? So, to make sure you escape the hot seat, Tai’s created a new crypto test group. Having this, according to Tai, is a must if you want to stay up with the current trends!

So, what exactly is this “test group” that Tai Lopez keeps mentioning? No other than the Crypto DeFi Accelerator test group. You may be wondering what this program has to offer in terms of details. Those will be scrutinized in this review! You’ll learn the following things in Crypto DeFi Accelerator: Learn how to do it yourself using DeFi, learn the fundamental concepts of stables, stakeholder pools, and even how to make money by lending out your cryptocurrency. Learn about the basics of non-fungible tokens and how non-fungible tokens are fetching millions of dollars in the market today. This tool helps you find hot projects early on and avoid overpaying for gas costs; and Whitelist Mastery, which helps you identify hot projects early on and avoid overpaying for gas fees. 

Also included is Crypto Lexicon, which will provide you with information on issues such as cryptocurrency contracts, hard wallets, and doxxing. Finally, Trading Crypto will guide you through the whole process of making your first cryptocurrency purchase, from start to finish, and many more.

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys a certain amount of independence, you could find Tai’s approach excellent. As it turns out, he will allow you to pay whatever you want. You only need to visit his website and register, after which it’s similar to when YouTube influencers go live and allow you to tip them. As a consequence, it’s more than realistic in most cases. Another great thing? In his program, Tai brought together the top minds in cryptography. To top it all off, I have no doubt that Tai’s course will be jam-packed with useful information for those who take it. That’s something you could be interested in, right? But hold on a sec. There are still three variables that you need to take into consideration.

First, you need to know how many upsells will be offered to you after you join. Because believe me, that will cost you a lot. Second, with all Tai’s got going on, will he be able to devote the time and attention this project deserves? Three, contemplate the possibility that the market may see sustained price drops in the near future. You know, it is impossible to be overconfident in business.

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