David Hill & Cody Bjugan’s VestRight Review

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The five-step plan devised by Cody Bjugan and David Hill will maximize a person’s chances of generating money in the real estate market. Furthermore, it is risk-free, secure, and recession-resistant. Plus it has nothing to do with fix-and-flips, wholesale, buy-and-hold investments, or apartment complexes.

You will only need a high-speed internet connection to participate. There’s a catch, though, and it’s explained in detail in my review of VestRight below.


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According to Cody and David, traditional real estate investment approaches are a thing of the past. Instead, they engage in large-scale land transactions. It’s often considered the most effective technique for generating five, six, or even seven-figure real estate earnings.

The best thing about it is that it’s incredibly adaptable! You have the freedom to spend your time whenever or wherever you see fit, whether working long or short hours. You don’t have to take advantage of someone to succeed; you can pay the landowner fairly and yet make a profit. There are also no contractors, tenants, repairs, closing costs, broker fees, or debt to be concerned about. Thus, a very little amount of risk exists.

Flipping land might make you a nice sum of money, but how much money can you expect to make? Depending on the size of the property, you may get a cut of fifty thousand, one hundred thousand, or even a million dollars. Do you want a slice of that pie? David and Cody have the perfect coaching program called Land Deals Revealed.

All of your questions in mind will be answered here. In addition to training, you’ll have access to tools, resources, networking, and ongoing support.

To understand more, they ask that you fill out an application and set up a time to talk. This product is not cheap and VestRight acknowledges that. After doing some research, I was able to uncover the cost. On the phone, you’ll pay $9,000, but if you want to think about it and join later, you’ll spend $16,000.

I understand the desire to encourage individuals to decide, but a seven-figure penalty is onerous.

In the absence of sticker shock, there are still other considerations to be made. After listening to David and Cody’s presentation, I realized that land is more complex than homes, as they claim. Sign the contract and begin the 90-day due diligence process.

If everything checks out, you put together a land use application that should be submitted to the city. Come on, hurry up and wait. You will proceed to the construction drawing approval if you get their go-to heads up. Once you get through that point, it just keeps going and going. It sounds dreadful.

That brings me to my second point of concern which is the passage of time. It can take anywhere from four months to a year and a half to complete these steps. It’s no surprise that the average land deal pays so well; otherwise, you’d be broke. 

And if this is the path you choose to take, you better be good with your money. If you get a two-hundred-grand check, but it needs to last you eighteen months, don’t go blowing it on designer clothes and exotic cars. You have to make the money stretch.

VestRight’s system is dependent on you discovering off-market transactions. How realistic is this? Is it possible for an average person who works from home for a few hours a day to uncover these land opportunities? Or is it like looking for a needle in a haystack?

Lastly, it’s also important to consider your marketing costs. This may be one of the reasons why no one is considering land investments. It’s apparent that this is beyond the capabilities of the typical Joe or Jane. However, it’s also possible that these objections keep the market competition low. I truly appreciate Cody and David, but I would never have the patience to deal in land wholesale.

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