Alex Smale’s Sell What You Know Review

Sell What You Know Review

In a YouTube advertisement for the Sell What You Know Mentor and Success program, Alex Smale wonders, “What is a person’s knowledge and experience actually worth? Twenty K per year? Fifty K per year?

What if I told you there are people making one hundred K, two hundred K, and even five hundred K or more per month just by selling what they already know?” Well, keep scrolling to get more of this Sell What You Know review.


This Sell What You Know review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

As the video runs, Alex explains that a few years ago, he was just another average person doing an ordinary job. He used to believe that the only way out of the rat race was to purchase a winning lottery ticket till that instance when he looked in the mirror and randomly told himself to man up.

That’s when he decided to start his own business, to finally offer what he already knew. He never says what it was, but he claims to have had a significant, beneficial impact on his clients. And the same is true for his clients’ clients.

In the end, Alex instructs you to click the small blue button and encode your email address to receive a free PDF booklet that covers everything in depth. It basically explains why prominent internet businesses such as dropshipping, affiliate marketing, Amazon, and even freelancing are all inferior compared to start-up mentoring programs. 

Yep, you heard it right. The goal is to set up your own training business.  

If it all sounds good, you can schedule a 45-minute strategy session to determine if you’d be a good fit for their 12-week Sell What You Know coaching program. There’s no detail on how much it costs, but certainly, there has to be one. Given that they require phone calls, you’re probably spending at least 5 thousand dollars.

Sell What You Know is built on five pillars: (1) offers and prospects; (2) create great camaraderie; (3) know how to market; (4) sales machine; and (5) reaping client success. You’ll also learn the fundamentals by watching videos, then get consistent support through their private Facebook group and live calls.

Sell What You know

What I admire about Sell What You Know is that its messaging is pretty simple. It wasn’t your typical guru funnel full of deceptions. I also agree with a lot of what they said regarding the downsides of other online businesses. And that coaching has tons of upsides.

Marginal cost is the most important aspect of a business. Depending on your area of expertise, you can charge thousands of dollars, just deduct the software, tools, and advertisement fees, then all is yours to keep. That way, you can get a bit more leeway. Plus, I honestly think that a few sales per month can make you a good cut!

It is, however, not an easy setup for newcomers or aspiring marketers. I mean, standing on a platform to sell your thing might be scary as hell, most especially to those who don’t have any experiential knowledge.

Considering that you got it in you, there’s still a lot to take to be considered as a reliable internet guru. I’m not even mentioning the other angles. I’m talking about Copywriting, Tech, Design, Bills, Advertisements, Sales, Systems, maintaining favorable reviews, obtaining social proof, and keeping up a solid reputation.

And what about dealing with trolls and competitors? Don’t want you to be caught off guard, so you better undergo lots of preparations and considerations before you jump in.

For that very reason, the Sell What You Know program is born! You surely need a guide, someone who knows how to walk in your shoes, the “been there done that” kind of people. Perhaps Alex could be the guy. 

Let’s be honest! Do you feel at ease charging people thousands of dollars just to take heed of what you’ll have to say? Do you enjoy instructing and assisting others? Are you comfortable with the fact that people’s success rests heavily on your shoulder? Are you coachable, dedicated, and eager to put what you’ve learned into practice? If it’s a YES, then Sell What You Know might be worth investigating.

Perhaps you want to learn more about what we do. A business where you wouldn’t have to worry about competitors. Wanna know what’s the most satisfying part? It’s being able to reach struggling companies or local businesses and eventually get them more clients. Sure, it’s might still be a difficult task. But once set up, money is recurring every thirty days. Find it out below.

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