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Taking a course online is not very different than taking one in a traditional, on-campus setting. The parts are the same: The instructor – who is very knowledgeable about the course, and who will answer any questions you might have on the coursework, the course curriculum, and the students, who are expected to follow along, study, participate in group discussions, then pass the exam at the end.

The difference: In most cases, students enrolled in online courses won’t have to set foot in a classroom. According to “Staying the Course: Online Education in the United States, 2008” (Sloan-C), over 3.9 million students were taking at least one online course during the fall 2007 term.

That’s a 12% increase over the previous year, and that number far exceeds the 1.2% increase for higher education enrollments overall. Today’s distance courses take full advantage of the latest technologies. Broadband Internet – now at speeds that just a few years ago was unimaginable — enable users to download very large files almost instantly.

There are message forums, live chat and instant messaging. These, along with advances in video and other digital media now make distance learning more efficient than ever before.

About our Online College Courses

See the list below for accredited online courses offered by well-known, legitimate schools. Please use the e-form on the course description page to contact the college or university of your choice for more information.

Click on any of the links for an online course that you might be interested in. You’ll find that each page contains a description containing the title of the online university or college course , the name of the online school offering the course, and a short overview.

A link is provided for you to contact the college or university to request more information. The school will then contact you and an information packet will be sent. This packet contains all the information you need to begin the process of enrolling for the college course online.

Is an online course right for you?

Taking a single online course is a good way to gauge how you will like a particular subject, and whether taking an entire degree program is right for you.

Instead of feeling isolated, an online course can give you a sense of community on a global scale. You will develop friendships and learn from your classmates – just as if you were taking classes in a brick-and-mortar college or university.

A salesman from New York can discuss online coursework in real time with a stay-at-home mom in Texas, a soldier stationed in the United Arab Emirates, and an administrative assistant in Hawaii.

Credit courses vs. non-credit courses

Just as conventional offerings include non-credit courses along with credit courses, the same applies to courses offered online.

If you’re interested in enriching yourself personally, or enhancing your knowledge for your career, you may enroll in a subject you’re interested in without the pressure of passing a grade. A non-credit course may be just the thing.