Can You Sell Audiobooks For Money On Audible?

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With 3 in 10 Americans now preferring Audiobooks over physical ones, you could say they’re growing in popularity. With this rising popularity, you might find yourself wondering: “is the audiobook business the business for me?” “Is there any money to make?” Keep reading to find out.


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In this review, I’m going to tell you how you could start an audiobook business. However, I want to say first and foremost, I don’t really recommend it (and I’ll tell you why later on).

If you want to get into the audiobook business, you’ll want to pick a genre that has to do with finances, health or fitness, religion, personal growth, dating, or parenting. These are broad topics. I’d suggest picking one that interests you, that way you don’t get too bored writing about it. Chances are if you’re bored, the writing just isn’t going to turn out very good. 

Once you pick your genre, dive a bit deeper and pick a subgenre. Just to give some examples: if you pick finances maybe you write about investing, or if you pick health maybe you’ll write about a particular diet. 

Once you have an idea of genres and subgenres that interest you, it’s time to do some research. Start by searching for other books that match your criteria (for example: investing). Based on the results, analyze what the money making potential looks like and scope out how much competition is out there for your subgenre.

Next, go ahead and order the top 5 best selling books in your subgenre. These are the people who are doing it right. Listen to each one and see if you pick up on any repeating patterns that might be lending to these author’s successes.

Based on what you learn from the best sellers you’ve purchased, start building out your own book’s outline. From there search for an audiobook ghost writer that can bring your outline to life so that you don’t have to. 

The next step? You need a narrator. Search for an audiobook narrator and have them record a high quality read through of your book. 

Now that you have the audiobook, you need a cover. You can hire a graphic designer to get this done for you or try searching Google for an “audiobook cover designer”. Once you hire someone, send them some reference photos of the bestselling books in your genre to give them some ideas.

Once you have your audiobook and cover, upload your book to audible. Start getting your book out there by asking your friends and family to listen and leave a review. You can also start generating traffic by running some ads.

If your book is good, you’ll see it’s ranking start to rise. When people search for your subgenre, yours will continue to get closer to the top as it ranks. If your book does well you can earn a couple grand or so a month in passive income. You can keep cranking out audiobooks and building up your passive income until you hit your income goals. 

Now you’re probably wondering what I dislike about audiobooks. Well, it’s not that this isn’t a possible way to make money (because it is), it’s just that there’s easier ways out there that can also make more money. Ways that are faster, cheaper, easier, and less competitive. Want to learn more about other ways to generate passive income? Check out my link below.

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