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In the opinion of Automatic Clients, they think you’d be better off building your 7 figure company starting off by selling a $5 product, than shooting for the $5-10k sell right out of the gate.

Automatic Clients, a paperback book by the authors, is one such example. They could easily sell between one hundred and three hundred units every day on autopilot. Then, within a week after receiving an order, upsell a significant portion of those purchasers into a $5-10k package.


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More than that, it is also possible to reimburse their advertising expenses as well as expansion of the Facebook group, SMS mailing list, and email distribution lists. They may achieve these objectives with minimum resources using simple strategies such as publishing content on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram every single day of the week and not tricking people into engaging in time-consuming webinars or “strategic calls.”

The need for exaggeration in advertising is no longer necessary to increase sales. All you need is $50 to get your first few customers on your side. Because of his digital nomad lifestyle, Robert Neckelius (the guy in the pitch video) has been traveling the world since 2017.

However, his priorities changed once he married and had two children. He no longer had to provide for himself alone. For him, it was a question of generating more money. As a result, he gathered what he’d studied into a single course.

But he was out of luck since he was unable to sell it to anybody. Despite the fact that he attempted two webinars and spent $100 a day on ads, nothing was successful. He slashed the price to $497 and went all-in on the organic procedure. He eventually closed a deal. Nonetheless, that was all; there was just one.

On the verge of quitting, Robert decided to give it one more attempt. Another webinar was held, but it was a resounding flop. He actually quit quit. Well for a little bit anyway. Several months later, he meets Alen, who is a successful web marketer.

Despite the fact that this individual was very successful, he went utterly unrecognized. He was just getting down to business, actually running campaigns, and being accountable for millions of dollars in revenue every month.

Alen eventually shows Robert how to create an eBook funnel that generates $1.2 million in revenue every single month. With this, Robert had an epiphany: rather than dealing with the webinar, why not gather all of the material into an inexpensive book and attempt to sell it? 

Two weeks were all it took for him to complete his book, 2 Hour Agency. He posted an organic Facebook post to his two thousand Facebook friends, which was received well. In less than 48 hours, he was able to sell 102 copies of his book. As a result of this, he earned a little more than $6,000 in profit. What an incredible feat! 

“And at that point, I realized people love books,” Robert said. “They’re already buying books.

And, on the flip side of that, they’re sick of gambling nine hundred and ninety-seven dollars for an online course sold through a webinar only to hope or to pray that there’s some piece of information in there that’s gonna work for them.

So instead of that, you know, I gave everything away in the book for next to nothing. People bought it, and they really enjoyed it.”

Alen and Robert eventually decide to start a partnership. They finally grew their company to a seven-figure income by selling $5 books. Within a short period of time, other well-known marketers begin contacting them in order to get their marketing secrets.

This finally resulted in the release of the book Automatic Clients. You can get it for twenty-seven dollars, and it’s jam-packed with information regarding this very process, as well as a plethora of incentives. Certainly, Robert and Alen are experts in this field. This is one of the most powerful sales funnels I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot of them.

Once you’ve completed your purchase, you can expect to be upsold on other items. Still, you’ve gotta hand it to em’, they did a good job.

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